Chalk Artwork

New experiment.
This anamorphic chalk artwork is sprayed on the pasture. I used environmental friendly harmless chalk for this ephemeral land art of 900 m2
Location Vechten nearby Utrecht

Urban Art Festival Amsterdam

Feel like you need some urban art inspiration?
Perhaps Urban Art Festival Amsterdam will be something for you this coming weekend!
Urban Art Festival Amsterdam artist: Maoma
Maoma will for sure bring a bit of cuteness to our festival with her designer toys.

I'm digging it too!

Colossal We're digging these geometric animal night lights by Amit Sturlesi.

Awesome Beach Lamp!

Simply awesome!
This amazing inflatable beach ball lamp is one of our favorite designs from ICFF!

Murals, Street Artists & Trends

Elephant Magazine
Many building and home owners in Buenos Aires grant permission to street artists or commission them to create murals on their property. Martin Ron, who is one of the most prolific and celebrated street artists in the city, is bringing some of his trademark hyperrealist style and verve to the Mayfair gallery Mead Carney:

Happy Weekend

OPTICAL TRICKERY by Camille Walala & Jess Bonham...Love it! Lookout for ASM Issue 10 Global Debut Event!!


So pretty!
Saw this on Colossal
"These beautiful lights were designed by cinematographer Takao Inoue as part of a small exhibition on display at Milano Salone earlier this year. The lights are made from real dandelions that have been suspended inside an acrylic block with a miniature OLED light embedded within the stem. The TAMPOPO OLED (tampopo is Japanese for dandelion) is now available through Tokyo Somewhere. You can read more on Spoon & Tamago and catch a brief interview with the designer on Lost at E Minor."

Japan and Style

Used Japanese roof tiles found their second chance at life as ergonomic chair seats in our top 10 Upcycled Projects: #architecture #design #interiors

Vanashing Traces

Oh this one is so super gorgeousss!
© Scarlett Hooft Graafland