Proudly Promoting Dutch Design ♥

Totally PROUD to be able to promote Dutch Design...look at this gorgeous visual we've made!

From December 2012 - April 2013 Tulpi is part of the Six degrees of Smart Society : Made in Brainport exhibition. Through our collaborations with Brainport the Taiwan Design Museum in Taipei we were invited to take part of this Dutch Design collective. Here you see a very nice example of the white Tulpi! Designer: Marco Manders!

Gorgeous Neil Krug photos in Juxtapoz Magazine

Juxtapoz Magazine features a series of Los Angeles based artist Neil Krug. Here my favorite the symbolization of Woman and Waves...and it's simply also just a stunning picture! Want to check out more? See: and be aware to be amazed!

The Kjuulest of Kjuul!

What Design can do made an awesome report on this fabulous idea, a 'little follow up' on the Tron movie (I'm not mentioning the production company, for I am a true design believer/feeler!), but anyways, sometimes the big projects give artist more space to bring some of their 'smaller projects' come alive....and skating on a light infused ramp or a 'light garden' is simply: kjuul!
For more info and photo credits read:

♥ Lauren Bacall & Le Journal de la Photographie

Always adored actress Lauren Bacall's beauty and just love, love, love this picture made by Louise Dahl-Wolf, when Lauren Bacall was still a teenager. Le Journal de la Photographie placed a whole portfolio online with amazing shots from the photographer. I'm quoting: 'Born in San Francisco in 1895, Louise Dahl-Wolfe took her first pictures in 1923. In1936, she joined Carmel Snow, Alexey Brodovitch and Diana Vreeland, respectively, the editor-in-chief, artistic director and fashion editor of the magazine Harper’s Bazaar. Her collaboration with the magazine lasted 22 years and 86 covers. She helped discover a teenager named Lauren Bacall, whom she photographed for the magazine’s cover in 1943. Dahl-Wolfe had a great influence on photographers like Horst P. Horst, Richard Avedon and Irving Penn.[...]'
The website:

Geometric jewelry design ♥

When you are crazy about geometric jewelry design like moi, check out this girl's photos. Jamie Spinello is the designer. Here an awesome example of her work, this one is a jewelry box...for the other stuff you have to have a look for yourself ;-), it's pretty cool stuff!

♥ Spiral Staircases

Love Inhabitat, design will save the world, and this special feature on spiral staircases they made.
This awesome futuristic design is not in Inhabitat's nice little collection. Designed by designer Roberto Sempiri (Italy). Awesome huh?

Tulpi Dutch Design International Spotlight ♥

I was already proud of our product, but this is such a KICK: the Tulpi (Dutch Design chair for inside and outside environments) is now a hot item in national Dutch and international news.
Designer Marco Manders gave six of his Tulpi chairs (also titled tulpen stoelen in Dutch/ tulip chairs), in customized Brazilian colours, to the city of Rio de Janeiro, present were: our Royal Highness Prince Willem Alexander and his wife Princess Maxima and Dutch politician and Minister for Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation in the Second Rutte Cabinet. Covered by national newspapers: Volkskrant, Parool, Trouw and Telegraaf! For more info see:
This Sunday live on Dutch Television RTL's Life4You with Carlo and Irene!

♥ Street Art

Via L'Artistik Kommando (feat. PAblito Zago)...hihi, so cute!

BROKEN BIRD by Pablito Zago
Avignon (France) / June 2012
© photo : Zago

Lovely Projections! ♥

Saw this last week in Juxtapoze Magazine. Projections by Clement Briend. Isn't it just pretty? Want to read more? See:

♥ Illustration Inspiration

So, so, so in LOVE with Abbey Watkins illustrations! She publishes them via her Facebook webpage:
See also:!/AbbeyWatkinsIllustration/
Here an example of her awesome! You can order her art online!

Dutch Design Profiles ♥

Working on Dutch design, or just very interested in Dutch Design...
then do not forget to check out the Dutch Design Profiles

Amazing shoe design by Amber A.A. Verstegen

These are the most amazing galaxy boots I have EVER seen. Designer: Amber A.A. Verstegen, MA ArtEZ, Arnhem 2012. Saw them in the shoe exhibtion during the Dutch Design Week !

Happy Halloweeeeen ;-)

Totally love the cute little iBoo I received from Taiwan designer Balance Wu during the Dutch Design Week 20-28 October 2012 in Eindhoven. It's a little glow in the dark item so you can find your phone in the dark!
For more info see his site or his FB:

To start the week with ♥

This piece is so gorgeous, I can start my week with this!
I'm quoting:
"The artwork is presented by Galerie Krinzinger, GallerySKE, Galerie Daniel Templon and Tilton Gallery at Art Unlimited, Art Basel’s installation exhibition platform.
Artwork Description
“Sudarshan Shetty, best known for his enigmatic and moving sculptural installations, has long been recognized as one of the most innovative conceptual artists in India. Trained in painting, Shetty found himself increasingly attracted to the idioms of sculpture and installation, developing a sculptural language that entices the viewer by its grandiose scale and hypnotising movement, while revealing the mechanics of its working in plain sight, foregrounding the artifice that is involved in mounting a show. Shetty’s work engages with ‘memory at large’ and explores the social life of objects and their capacities to offer new kinds of subjective experience by creating hybrid devices that engage with the idea of a philosophical ‘loss of body’ as a social and biological condition. His work often alludes to absence: not as a mere negation of presence but rather the idea of ‘being elsewhere’ – empty jackets, vessels, and circulating liquids all come to denote the absent body while exhausting the viewer by the seeming futility of their repeated actions.”
More info see:
Saw this on


Aaawwww....again, saw this via Anonymous ART of Revolution's Facebook page, no source description I'm afraid :-(...awesome visual!

Wishing you a cherry weekend ;-)

Design Milk magazine reported about the Cherry lamps by designer Nina Zupanc....who could resist these? I'm quoting: "Nika reinterprets everyday objects as she thematizes the role of women in the predominantly masculine world of design. The Black Cherry Lamp is a modular assembly of lamps that pays homage to every single cherry in the world blessed with a shape that is simple and mysterious at the same time."

Identity ♥

Via Anonymous Art of revolution Facebook page. If someone would make me choose one picture that would portrayal most parts of my identity and imagination, this would be MY picture! Absolutely LOVE it! OK OK....I can't help it....two if I had to choose two visuals....;-)

Picture of the day! ♥

AMAZING! right? Saw this in Design D'autore's Facebook magazine, with a rather obscure photo reference (image via, but that's not spoiling the photo fun!

Cutest designs on Pinkoi

Via a friend in Taiwan (yeaahhh Taiwan!) I received Pinkoi's website and FB page. This Taipei based company offers the cutest of the cutest designs. Look at's Fabulous!

♥ Origami

Design Milk magazine published this great article and pictures about 3D origami...totally LOVE it!
" Jun Mitani might be a professor of computer science at the University of Tsukuba but I’m pretty sure he has a Ph.D. in paper folding. He works his magic with the help of algorithms and computer software that he’s developed to create the 3D origami pieces he’s known for. After doing the designing in the software, he scores folding lines on the paper. Once that’s done, he let’s his hands do what they do best and these sculpture are formed. Can you imagine the paper cuts he must have?"

Birds and Inspiration ♥

Birds are a constant the work of Marco Mazzoni I saw in Juxtapoz's Magazine. I'm quoting: "new moleskin sketches for his upcoming show at Roq La Rue Gallery in Seattle. This piece, “The Moralist”, out of colored pencils and pen on paper from his moleskin, is specifically for his show, “The River of Milk”, opening October 12th." In case you'd like to read more about this:

♥ Photography: Sleep Elevation

I can't say how MUCH I love this project: “Sleep Elevations” by French photographer Maia Flore | photo © Maia Flore | Saw this in Style park magazine.....
.......................Oh take me with! ♥

Cute plant terraniums ♥

Blend magazine's article about plant terraniums by by Score + Solder?!is so amazing. Love the shapes! For more see:

CLOUD – an Installation made of 5,000 Lightbulbs

Read and saw this on Stylepark's facebook page. I'm quoting: "The cloud-shaped installation is made of 5,000 light bulbs which can be turned on and off by the visitors. (via architizer “CLOUD” a light installation by artists Caitlind Brown and Wayne Garrett"...isn't that just the cutest? Love it!

Paper simple qua material and so gorgeous!

Artist Eleonora Petrolati made this. Seen in Design Magazine - Cool Hunting Italiano, which can also be found on Facebook! ;-)

Nice field man! ❤

Frame magazine covers an interesting piece about Croatian collective Numen/For Use’s latest project. A carpeted, floating field transformed a former slaughter house. Oh how we need such fields in our working spaces, use of real grass would be even more cooler! Curious? See:

Spiral of the week ♥

Spirals fascinate me to the core, so I'm totally hooked when an artist chooses this Karl Hugo Schmölz who currently has a photo exhibition in Bonn, Germany. Want to read more? See:
Photo: Karl Hugo Schmölz: Siemenshaus, Bielefeld, 1956

Life with colours! ♥

Oeehhh shell houses keep fascinating me...and this one is super fabulous! Read about this one in World Architecture News. For more info and pictures:

Want! ♥

Soooo gorgeous, still a prototype...but its beauty is all around, saw this in Dezeen magazine. Wooden t-shirt by French designer Pauline Marcombe. Photocredit Dezeen magazine. See:

Interested in what you can do with...salt?

This is so cool..Blend magazine has put some gorgeous pictures up reflecting the works of artist Motoi Yamamoto. It's amazing! For more pictures see:

Love clouds!

Saw this one on the website of designmilk....such a cute little refuge 'houssie'...want one! For more info see:

Gorgeous floor design!

Saw this in the Elephant Magazine. Elephant is a quarterly magazine on contemporary art and visual culture. Featuring up-to-the-minute visual material, fresh faces and original voices, the magazine covers and uncovers new trends and talent in contemporary visual culture.

I'm quoting: " [a]rtist Motoi Yamamoto creates intricate sand patterns around the exhibition space, creating beautiful, temporary artwork: "

Nice site for designer goods!

A friend of mine from Taiwan gave me this tip: a website for affordable handmade designer stuff....always a pleasure!
Have fun! I really like this bag with birds:

One Hundred Fish Fountain

One Hundred Fish Fountain is the title of this amazing piece of art by Bruce Nauman. Here's a quote from the New York Times:' “One Hundred Fish Fountain,” is an actual working fountain. Bronze casts of real fish — catfish, bass, whitefish and other species — are suspended by wires from the ceiling at different heights. They appear to be swimming in a giant aquarium. Rather than being immersed in water, however, each is a hollow container from which water spurts in slender streams through multiple little perforations. The water falls like rain into a broad, shallow basin on the floor, from which it is pumped back up to each fish through a hose connected to its belly." ' (August 9, 2012)
Image: Bruce Nauman

Shell House

For those who are also crazy about organic design here a little peak at the Shell House by design bureau Artechnic, Tokyo Japan:

Photo credit:


....with this kind of weather here in The Netherlands (very,very warm), this kind of art, seen in the Design Observer, attracts the eye. Amazing! So pretty!

For more info about the creator:

Space picture of the Week: Wonderful!

National Geographic's fabulous Space pictures of the week. Veeeery interesting!

♥ NAI: Netherlands Architecture Institute

I love what the NAI: Netherlands Architecture Institute is doing online...
interested in archives of Dutch architecture? Then eat your heart out with their digital photo archive. They are also adding pretty interesting things on FB, just saying ;-)
I'm quoting: 'Now on Flickr: more than 100 historical photographs of houses and housing projects from the first half of the 20th century, by H.P. Berlage, J. Wils, J.B. van Loghem, M. de Kerk, J.F. Staal and many more.' See them all here:
General info:
And here a preview of one of the shots they personally referred me to...this stream of architecture is very appealing to my opinion! This is: Housing Complex Spaarndammerplantsoen (Het Schip)
Amsterdam, 1921 |Designers: Michel de Klerk

Architecture around trees

When you are crazy about trees like I am, you always have the desire to actually live IN them...and you also love organic design, then you will absolutely LOVE the ideas of this German agency
They call their concepts treehouses and junglehouses. So pretty!


Interesting image huh? It's not new, but that doesn't matter to the design-oriented soul. For more info see the Design Observer's website:


This is why I LOVE the Tulpi chair...and it gets me in such nice places in the world ;-). See also:

Business trip to Zurich, and of course we keep an eye on interesting designs..we saw this one in the innercity..


Promoting our lovely chair....<3 Tulpi's....Totally! :-) Tulpi's already 'flower' in several parts of the world, including Germany and Japan. For more info see the amazing website: for info!

Amazing Museum architecture | Taipei, Taiwan

Texas based OTA+ design concept for a new museum in Taipei Taiwan apparently was not selected, but oh my oh my look at this...!! Read and see much more via:

Or have a direct look at the OTA+'s website:

Juxtapoz Magazine

When you are crazy about art and design check this website:
And then you will see amazing things like:

I'm quoting: 'Polish painter Tomek Sętowski has one amazing imagination. He is creating what he calls "magical surrealism," aka, a very inventive mind. Endless details, mythical worlds, a sort of never-ending story meets prehistoric meets 3,000 years into the future is what we are getting from the Polish artist's work.'

Gorgeous Booksculptures!

Gorgeous huh? I am SO in love with booksculptures! Artist Su Blackwell is very,very good at it! See also: