Sneakers and Amsterdam

We had a cool sneaker trade market going on here in Amsterdam May 23th and 24th at the NDSM werf ('t IJ) (I'm talking about the Sneakerness convention concept). They created a really nice event poster but most awesome was this example in the picture. This picture here did really well on social media.
For the poster see:

The Latest Trend in Illustrative Marketing : Felt!

Haha, love these illustrations. Apparently we have a new trend going on: Jacopo Rosati moved from making digital illustrations to illustrations made with felt. "Until last year I only worked with digital illustrations, but I was kind of bored. I was looking for a new unique, style–something warmer–something that I could make with my bare hands. I chose fuzzy felt because it’s a kind of material which isn’t often used as a purely graphic media." Looks amazing!
Jacopo Rosati Website >>

Design of the Month : A Gorgeous Mondrian-esque Staircase

I have something with staircases and the design of them - this design over here is one one to remember. "Francesco Librizzi's oak-and-steel staircase is as much a sculpture as it is a means of going between floors. Architect Francesco Librizzi built the staircase for the Casa G project as a means to slow the ascent, to create stations that infused the interior with life. Cefalu, an ancient city on the northern coast of Sicily, enjoys a certain romance with the ocean, so much so that homes and apartments have been stacked on top of each other over time, since the newest unit always wants the best view of the Tyrrhenian Sea. When architect Francesco Librizzi was hired by a writer for the Italian paper La Repubblica to transform a multi-story fisherman’s house into a beautiful home, he decided to make the journey to the terrace as scenic as the panorama that awaited visitors upstairs. Librizzi explained the creative process behind creating his modernist staircase, a Mondrian-esque reimagining of egress." Very nice huh, do you see the Mondrian shapes? Read more here: 

Cool Dutch Graphic Art by Will Holder

Love this item section 'from the archives' by Grafik magazine. This time they portrayed Dutch graphic artist Will Holder. He made some gorgeous pieces: "In today's Archive piece we revisit Will Holder's striking publications and invitations for Amsterdam art space de Appel, whose distinctive identity he designed in 2006." This is visual is a nice rebranding identity example. Also a very good example when it comes to the value of illustrations within marketing. For the complete article see:

Interactive Marketing : How Nike Gets You Running

Sports brand Nike keeps stepping up to the plate with their interactive marketing projects. In collaboration with London based creative agency FIELD " An interactive running installation that transforms your portrait into a Force of Nature. Using Kinect interaction and a treadmill fitted with custom sensors, the installation takes the runner through a journey of immersive visual effects that amplify the feeling of getting into the flow of running. Created for the April 2015 Nike Innovation Summit at Truman Brewery, London." A Dutch creative firm titled ...,staat previously worked with Nike on interactive (shop) window displays.

The Smartphone Parking Lot : It Exists!

Haha love this one. The weekend is here again - so perhaps the right time to introduce to you a smartphone parking lot? Fernando Barbella, creator of Signs from the Near Future, and Christiano Neves, came up with: the Mobile Parking Lot, a series of PDFs you can print out and fold into holding bays for smartphones. "Recent studies have shed light on the many ways that mobile devices are ruining our lives, from disrupting sleep and splitting attention to interfering with relationships. The parking lots are available in nine urban industrial designs (including two inspired by Banksy and Star Wars), Mobile Parking Lot keeps your phones at a safe distance so you can pay attention to whoever’s talking in the conference room or at the table. (If you’re anxious about battery power, you can even punch some holes into the background and plug in your charger.)"
See more here:

Feeling Like British-Finnish Minimalistic Design Today

Ya ya- this minimalistic British-Finnish design is my inspiration of the day. Love how it is presented - colours on the walls and boards! "Jo Wilton and Mirka Grohn are the British-Finnish design duo that launched &New, a modern furniture company that focuses on minimalist, airy designs. Using steel, the durable, strong material is the perfect option to achieve delicate looking pieces that are anything but. Each modern, powder-coated piece stands out with their bold, angled lines that are decked out in fun colors. On occasion, the steel is paired with different types of wood to finish out the design. This first collection includes side tables, sideboards, console tables, and clothes racks." See also:

Rarely Seen Post War Italian Graphic Design on Show in London

Franco Grignani Alfieri & Lacroix poster 1960

"SEA Design has teamed up with Fedrigoni and the AIAP to showcase an amazing collection of rarely-seen postwar Italian graphic design, which will go on show in London early next month."..I thought I would show you an example so you can see for yourself there's some great works to find in this show. "Created by SEA Design and Fedrigoni, the exhibition features many famous names such as Massimo Vignelli, Franco Grignani and Bob Noorda, as well as many who are not so well-known outside of Italy but have produced a wealth of stunning work....Did you know much about Italian graphic design before you started working on the exhibition, and have your ideas about it changed since?
I knew very little apart from the obvious names, however I knew the work visually. Putting names to individual pieces was fantastic, and also discovering the bloodline of designers who created design teams which have influenced modern design studios. I love Italian graphic design – it has obvious influences across Europe, and I love some of its brutal aspects." Source:

Sunday's Time for Cute Design - DIY Strawberry Planter

Haha, like the layout of this online magazine. Look at the favicon, the little coffeemug logo on the left of the URL code : :
"Imagine the glory of a giant ripe strawberry that sprouted fragrant herbs from where the stalk used to be. Not only would you have a double-whammy of deliciousness and a very confused Mother Nature, you’d also have inspiration for this cute-as-a-button planter DIY – and that alone is worth the foodie weirdness.You can make one for yourself if you head here to grab the instructions, and put aside an afternoon to construct your own fruity Frankenstein."


....starts with a gorgeous visual!
Via Dark Beauty Magazine
Photographer: Michal Zahornacky -
Designer/Model: Veronika Kostkova
Hair: Zuzana Horná - Salón Glamour
Makeup: Makeupccessorize

The New Way of Recruiting your Best Employees : Jobbatical

Buuya here we go! So the recruiters (and many others) among us constantly deal with the question: how do we attract the best employees for the job? Well in the section of ultra modern recruitment here's the latest example on how you offer that position. Case: Startup is looking for Java script developer. Slogan you create: "Code Java Script in a Growth Start Up and a Tropical Island". PR text that you offer to newsagencies/communities and that hopefully get transcribed as such come down to this:
"We all dream of adventure. We muse about the day we'll break free from our day-to-day grinds and journey to a far off land with a blank slate and a whole new environment to explore.
But even if the opportunity surfaces, uncertainties hold us back, and the biggest uncertainty is often employment. Will I be able to find a job? What if I don't enjoy it? Even if the work is okay, what if the food doesn't agree with me or I find cultural barriers just too big to overcome? It seems all too likely that an adventure could turn into a disaster, leaving you unemployed, broke, and stranded in a strange place with no friends.
To soften the landing for prospective adventurers, a young startup from Estonia wants to help balance the risks and rewards. Jobbatical is a jobs site specifically targeted at skilled professionals who want to try their hand at working in another country. The site currently focuses on IT-related work, with temporary jobs ranging from three to 12 months long.
Now six months into its beta period, Jobbatical offers applicants a choice of about 400 jobs in dozens of countries. Founder Karoli Hindriks says the demand has outstripped supply, with thousands of job seekers in Jobbatical's community. Typical employers are startups and social enterprises. The startup has 600 employer accounts, but not all of them have posted jobs.
Asia has become a major destination for Jobbatical's early users. Singapore has more openings than any other country, followed by Hong Kong. Malaysia is another popular choice, and the startup also has jobs in South Korea, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, India, and Indonesia."
Pretty good deal huh? See more here:

Dutch Artists Lernert & Sander on Food Cubes & Perfectionism

Wow! This is amazing and just beautiful. Dutch artists Lernert and Sander cut raw food into 98 perfect 2.5 x 2.5 x 2.5 cm cubes. What an awesome geometric visual. This photo went viral and was commissioned by Dutch newspaper de Volkskrant for a food special. This is such a wonderful example of the intersection between art-design and marketing. About the artists: "Ever since they began collaborating in 2007, the artists and filmmakers Lernert & Sander have been known for their high-conceptual art films, eye-catching installations and keen fashion aesthetic. Driven by their cheeky sense of humour, Lernert & Sander’s simple yet stunning approach has earned the duo numerous awards, international accolades and industry-wide recognition. They live and work in Amsterdam, the Netherlands." View more of their great work here: 

Grown Up Son Makes Fab Video to Find Mom Eva her Adam

AWW so cute - with a little help from 'Nikon' : "Some people have a tendency to look for love in all the wrong places—but maybe there’s more luck in having someone look for you. Noticing how unlucky his single mother, Eva, has been in the romance department, Alex Lyngass has embarked on a project to find her a soulmate. "Looking for Adam" is essentially an adorable, high-production-value singles ad Lyngass created for his mother, highlighting her admirable qualities and hobbies. But the best part of it is the fact that all of this was kept secret from Eva—and her reaction to the video at the end is just priceless." Source:

German Children's TV Show Die Sendung mit der Maus - Very Cute!

This is my item of the day: ever wondered how the German Television potrays a popular intergenerational (this show has been popular through different generations now - I grew up watching it too) on the internet? Well here I give you my favorite example: Die Sending mit der Maus. Now have a look at their website: it is fun! This show was also always a very good 'excuse' to warm up your knowledge and familiarity with the German language. Lots of merchandise around this TV show. I stumbled upon this website today - the graphics were my major inspiration of the day. Wikipedia says this: "Die Sendung mit der Maus (The Program with the Mouse) is a highly acclaimed children's series on German television that has been called "the school of the nation".[1] The show first aired on March 7, 1971.[2] Originally called Lach- und Sachgeschichten für Fernsehanfänger ("Laughing and Learning Stories for Television Beginners), it was controversial because German law prohibited television for children under six years of age.[3][4] The program was initially condemned by teachers and childcare professionals as bad for children's development,[4][5] but is now hailed for its ability to convey information to children.[6][7] The show has received over 75 awards. The first doctoral dissertation on the program was written in 1991.[8] On March 7, 1999, the program's Internet site was launched and received 2,400 e-mails and 4 million hits on the first day.[9]"

Moments of Motherhood : National Geographic's Response to Mother's Day

Love this! "How does motherhood shape photographers? On this Mother’s Day, I asked six National Geographic photographers, who are also moms, to share images of their own children and write about their experiences balancing motherhood and their photographic careers. They shared intimate images and beautiful stories of love, adventure, ritual, and reunion. Happy Mother’s Day!" Find more beautiful pictures here:

Myriam Dion : Embroided Lace and Newspaper Patterns

Myriam Dion

There's something about her artwork, it's intersectional and it brings you back and forward in time..I'm talking about the work of artist Myriam Dion, a Montreal based artist. "Starting with daily covers of the Financial Times, the Gazette, or the New York Times, Myriam Dion (previously) cuts sweeping lace-like patterns into collages of newsprint. In earlier artworks Dion left newspaper covers intact while delicately cutting her patterns with an X-ACTO knife, but in recent pieces she’s also incorporated collage. Sometimes multiple covers are cut to create repeating patterns or text is overlaid with photographs. The fragile collages are usually titled after each individual newspaper’s date and primary subject, a strange juxtaposition given the beauty conveyed in her patterns can be at odds with the content: “Thursday April 17, South Korean Ferry Disaster“. Via Division Gallery:
At a period in history where printed news faces extinction, Myriam Dion’s intricate newspaper cut-outs explore the intersection between folk traditions and popular culture. Crafting thoughtful mosaics out of world events, she questions our appetite for sound-bite news and sensational art, showing us the quiet power of a patient hand and an inquisitive eye.
Dion had her first solo exhibition at Division Gallery earlier this year which also represented the final project of her master’s degree from the Université du Québec à Montréal. You can see more in her portfolio and at Division Gallery." Source:

Design Inspiration : Belgium Graphic Designer Adrien Duchateau

Read a nice article about Belgium designer Adrien Duchateau in Grafik Magazine. Love the style. "Clear, direct communication defines the style of this Belgian designer, who, with his slick yet friendly food packaging projects, aims to make his audience hungry for more.
Describe your approach as a designer.
I see my work as a graphic designer like a hobby. Since I was a kid, I've always been fascinated by logos, posters, illustrations and, more recently, websites. Now I always try to represent the ideas of the client the best I can. This is the hardest thing to do. Most of the time the client has an idea for their logo but can't explain or represent it. Making these ideas real is quite difficult and I am still learning. Trying to be unique and original is also my focus – there are so many graphic designers out there. You really have to do everything possible to be the best (and I am still far from it).
You’ve worked on a few food and drink-related projects. What is the best and worst things about working in this sector?
I love working in this area. It's really cool to make people hungry with a design. This is my first focus – to inspire people to eat. The best thing is when your client has gorgeous pictures of their products. Half of the job is done; it's immediately really inspiring. The worst thing is when the client has taken the photography with his or her old phone. You know the project is gonna be long and painful."
Read more here:

Tel Aviv Restaurant Creates Plate for Your Instagram Photos

HA! This one is funny : "Israel's Carmel Winery teamed up with Tel Aviv restaurant Catit to offer the customers the most Instagram-able food possible.The restaurant says that it's looking "to reconnect with a new generation of consumers –- youngsters who connect with food through the lens of a smartphone. Customers eat on custom-designed plates with built-in phone stands while listening to Dan Perez, one of the the top food photographers in the world, teach them about food photography. They even have rotating plates and filtered lights to create the ideal Instagram shot. Instead of actually consuming their food (crazy, right?), customers are encouraged to share their photo masterpieces on Instagram with hashtag #fdgr." Source:

Loesje : Dutch Writers Collective Spreads Messages Worldwide

Here's one of Loesje's messages (Loesje is a Dutch girl name - pronounce: lusjuh) . It's national Liberation day here in Holland. Loesje is a "writer's collective, a NGO, an international organisation, a creative network, a contagious idea - many titles, call it what you want!" - and always spreads wise messages. Here's the international website:

Hallmarks Mother's Day Campaign Includes All Children - Also the Transgendered

"I'm your momma bear and you are my cub, I love you always"..awww...Hallmarks Mother's Day marketing campaign is not only adorable but also wonderfully inclusive - the quote you just read came from the mother of a female-to-male transgender. "For Mother's Day this year, Hallmark's ongoing #PutYourHeartToPaper campaign asked a collection of adult children to talk about their moms. This is, of course, a recipe for openly weeping at work, and the biggest tearjerker of the bunch is when Alex talks about how his mom's unconditional love and support helped him become the person he is." I'm loving it! Source: 

Swedish Artist Simon Stålenhag Popular Sci-fi Illustrative Books

Simon Stålenhag

He's popular in his home country Sweden and now he is aiming to translate his illustrative books into English via Kickstarter - have a quick look and you will see why he is so popular. Apparently fans are requesting for a movie and comicbooks after having seen his work. His images are a cool combination of Swedish rural sceneries and large sci-fi creatures, or as he himself writes on his kickstarter profile: "Simon Stålenhag's retro-Scandinavian sci-fi images have been wildfire across the internet in the last few years. Now - not only is his first artbook coming in English for the first time - with your help, we will publish a brand new second book as well, continuing his amazing story. The first Tales from The Loop book was released on the Swedish Book Fair in September 2014 and was an instant success. The book contained the full first set of paintings from The Loop, the enormous particle accelerator hidden beneath the pastoral Swedish countryside, as well as a score of short stories chronicling life in the shadow of the machines. For the first time the deep and layered setting behind Simon's paintings were available to the public. And soon, thanks to your help, this book will be available to the international English speaking audience." This image that I have posted here reminds me of childhood, imagination and transformers. He's doing really well on Kickstarter, so we will probably soon see the English translations of his books!


Gallery Weekend Berlin May 1-3 2015

Are you in Berlin right now? It's gallery weekend, woohoo! Read about it in Elephant Magazine..this gorgeous picture caught my eye...I'm putting this event on my wishlist for next year. "It's time for Gallery Weekend Berlin! To celebrate, our Instagram will be taken over for the whole weekend by participating artists JONAS BURGERT and NASAN TUR, as well as the brilliant Blain|Southern who are exhibiting Francois Morellet as part of Berlin's biggest moment for art."
Here's the program:

Miffy Celebrates 60 Years in Art Parade Utrecht City


Miffy is celebrating a 60 year celebration. Miffy (in Dutch: Nijntje) was first illustrated and published by Utrecht graphic artist Dick Bruna. I've always been a big fan, like so many others in the world, children AND grown ups, I just love the simplicity in his illustrations. Dick Bruna started telling his then young son 60 years ago stories and drew illustrations, this is how Miffy was 'born'. Now the city of Utrecht is celebrating as well and there are Miffy statues in a Art parade in the city center. I haven't seen one yet myself, but when I go back in town I will make a picture! More about recent Miffy marketing campaigns here (in Dutch):