Japanese artist 'Sakae' designs exquisite floral hair pins using resin and brass wire and then auctions them online. See much more on Colossal.

Design & Awareness

Cute right?
@GentleGiantsStudio designed Bergy Bit Candle to raise awareness of global warming

How to build your brand

Hihi, already love the cover!
The Complete Guide to Building Your Personal Brand by Neil Patel

Layers - Shelves

I like this...shelves = layers...and then the eyes that shine through...

Abstract Graffiti

We love abstract Graffiti art like this one by Nawer and SatOne in Eindhoven

Awesome Graphic Design

This is a fab example of awesome graphic design! Reminds me a little bit of The New Yorker.
Grab yourself this ace set of city guides by Victionary in today's Objekts of Desire:


I LOVE this image!
ARC's Junior Arts Writer Tiana Reid interviews Guyanese-born, Brooklyn-based photographer Kwesi Abbensetts, expanding on his focus of "making black skin, the black aesthetic…beautiful." Abbensetts discusses what attracts him to his subjects, the spontaneity involved in his work, and the freedom that affords him in capturing certain moments as he uses his practice to reference his experience growing up in the Caribbean and explore his current surroundings in New York.
Read the piece exclusively on ARC:

The Dieline

When you love packaging design just as much as I do you might want to check out The one of the most recent designs they've selected. Amazing Art Deco design!
Striking Art Deco-inspired labels for soap!

Watercolours & Ferrofluids

Beautiful right?
Swiss photographer Fabian Oefner added watercolours to ferrofluid and then placed them on top of a magnetic field to form AMAZING pop paintings: