Bizarre, yet functional, ceramics by Rami Kim .... Bowls, salt n pepper shakers, planters, and of course, two random heads that just stare at you.

Animal Sculptures which amaze you

Wow these are so beautiful!
"In an ongoing series titled “Dreams,” Chinese sculptor Wang Ruilin creates surreal animals that don’t act like animals at all. Their backs, and sometimes their antlers, function as arcs that carry monumental elements of nature like lakes and mountain cliffs. It’s like an animal-version of Noah’s Arc without people. “Leaving individuals behind is painful”, admits the 29-year old sculptor, but it allows us to reduce confusion and see the value and force of life."


Very cute and funny!
Online food retailer Yousli enlisted brand agency HubGroup to design packaging with a spark of personality for their line of breakfast cereal products.


@Twenty-four blackbirds' poetic line of chocolates brings out the child in all of us. The packaging, alongside the engraved bars, takes us on a bicycle ride through suburban streets where telephone polls intertwine and are weighed down by silhouetted black birds.

Rachel Garrard

Seems so simple, feels amazing!
Rachel Garrard's scientifically-informed spiritual meditations on the greater self come to New York in her first solo exhibition at Gasser Grunert Gallery.

Kunstformen der Natur

Verrrry nice! I''m going!
Stichting Mediamatic
his week, the Mediamatic Fabriek will close it's exhibition space for 5 days, to start with the build up of #Kunstformen der Natur. With works from Ernst Haeckel, H.P. Berlage and Bernotat&Co.