♥ Spiral Staircases

Love Inhabitat, design will save the world, and this special feature on spiral staircases they made.
See: http://inhabitat.com/14-unique-and-spectacular-staircases-around-the-world/
This awesome futuristic design is not in Inhabitat's nice little collection. Designed by designer Roberto Sempiri (Italy). Awesome huh?

Tulpi Dutch Design International Spotlight ♥

I was already proud of our product, but this is such a KICK: the Tulpi (Dutch Design chair for inside and outside environments) is now a hot item in national Dutch and international news.
Designer Marco Manders gave six of his Tulpi chairs (also titled tulpen stoelen in Dutch/ tulip chairs), in customized Brazilian colours, to the city of Rio de Janeiro, present were: our Royal Highness Prince Willem Alexander and his wife Princess Maxima and Dutch politician and Minister for Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation in the Second Rutte Cabinet. Covered by national newspapers: Volkskrant, Parool, Trouw and Telegraaf! For more info see: www.tulpi.nl
This Sunday live on Dutch Television RTL's Life4You with Carlo and Irene!

♥ Street Art

Via L'Artistik Kommando (feat. PAblito Zago)...hihi, so cute!

BROKEN BIRD by Pablito Zago
Avignon (France) / June 2012
© photo : Zago

Lovely Projections! ♥

Saw this last week in Juxtapoze Magazine. Projections by Clement Briend. Isn't it just pretty? Want to read more? See: http://www.juxtapoz.com/Current/projections-by-clement-briend

♥ Illustration Inspiration

So, so, so in LOVE with Abbey Watkins illustrations! She publishes them via her Facebook webpage:
See also: https://www.facebook.com/#!/AbbeyWatkinsIllustration/
Here an example of her skillsssss......so awesome! You can order her art online!

Dutch Design Profiles ♥

Working on Dutch design, or just very interested in Dutch Design...
then do not forget to check out the Dutch Design Profiles
website: http://www.dutchdfa.com/profiles

Amazing shoe design by Amber A.A. Verstegen

These are the most amazing galaxy boots I have EVER seen. Designer: Amber A.A. Verstegen, MA ArtEZ, Arnhem 2012. Saw them in the shoe exhibtion during the Dutch Design Week !