Moss Graffiti....the latest cool thing!

Oh this one is major awesome. Designboom writes about Anna Garforths coolest idea ever: "
 in an unusal take on traditional, spray-paint-approved wall art, anna garforth's moss graffiti emerges from brick walls as fuzzy layers of green grass."


....really nice!
Dezeen Magazine: "They may look fragile, but these Air Tattoos are made of a tough paper-like material that's waterproof and resistant to tearing:"


Street Art Belgium just featered this: "Spanking new mural by Gijs Vanhee and Dzia Krank in Apeldoorn, The Netherlands!"

Cute one....

...don't you agree? Through Graffiti Art Magazine: "NATALIA RAK (PL). For Folk On The Street, Białystok (PL) "

Well well....

...then....what do you make of this? Artslant talks about it: "Watchlist Artist: Joseph Kohnke - Angles Gallery is pleased to present DISPLACEMENTS, featuring a new selection of works by Joseph Kohnke. This is the artist’s first large-scale solo exhibition at Angles Gallery."


..pprrrr. Superrrr!
The Street Art Curator: "Ben Slow in Brest, France."

Never forget the trees!

Urbant contest again, discoverd a cute little source ya ya. Beautiful right? "E1000INK, Spain."


Textiel Museum (Textile Museum), in Tilburg, The Netherlands is uploading some pretty awesome visuals...I've selected two..can't give you more info I'm afraid, the museum didn't include the sources. For more:

Uh oehhhhoehh!!

Via Urban contest:"Paul Walsh!"

Matches..... it!
Juxtapoz Mag: "Matchstick and other sculptures by Oaks Oaks...
See the rest on ‪#‎Jux‬:"

How Hip City Gardens are becoming...

Gardens, gardens, gardens, they will play a bigger role in our world cities than you can imagine...the 'hipness' of the subject has already entered the starting stages, so no turning back now.
Dezeen magazine wrote about this awesome 'garden bridge' by Thomas Heatherwick designed for the River Thames.

Zoen ~ Kiss!

Saw this today in another neighbourhood in town.
Utrecht, Lombok - The Netherlands


...into the weekend! Mimicry! This one was posted by Design Milk.
"Mimicking swirls of freshly dispensed ice cream, we're not sure if we want to display or take a bite out of these sweet lamps:"
Totally LOVE it!



How Design and Art work together

Now....THIS is a SUPER example of how wonderful design and art work together...
Such an amazing art piece, the art piece wins in my humble opinion, haha ;-)
Credits: Antonio Mora : digital artist (j)

Through the Wall!!

Via Graffiti Art Magazine: "Tou Scene, Nuart 2013, Stavanger (NO)
© Jonathan Roze / Graffiti Art magazine"

Lovely Architecture!

DesignDaily featured this. "Kring Kumho Culture Complex / Unsangdong Architects - ‪#‎Korea‬
- See more at:"

Awesome and inspirational visuals

Maggie Lin, my friend from Hong Kong, saw these kjuul visuals when she was browsing through the "ADC (art director's club) exhibition in Shenzhen, at the OCT Art and Design Gallery". Love them!

Frame Magazine's exhibition suggestions

For those always looking for appealing sources that keep us updated about global exhibitions:
"Frame's suggestions of this autumn's exhibitions around the globe: http:///"

The Magic of the Water World within an Opal

Isn't this just so super gorgeous? Just saw this in the Daily Art Magazine news.
"An Ethiopian Welo Opal by Inna Gem It looks like the ocean is trapped in it"


Just published by Art is the Answer.
Creator: Julien Palast

A dress as a sculpture... that's something else and new and with a little twist, right?
Just saw this on DesignBreak's page:
"This is not a dress. It's a sculpture. // Ron Isaacs' Wallflower. // via: Sfgirlbybay"

Black & White

I've been wearing a lot of black/white lately...a theme that's currently running within different art disciplinaries. Here's a little preview of the new exhibition "White" in Nederlands Foto Museum (the Dutch Photo Museum) in Rotterdam, including one of my favorite contemporary pieces (the cloud) by Berndnaut Smilde. See:
Check out: Berndnaut Smilde:


Juxtapoz Mag writes about this image: "Taisuke Mohri is a master of detailed pencilwork, and he combines his ability for photorealism with a surrealist flair to create incredibly haunting, masterful images. Mohri overlays his pencil drawings with a pane of cracked class, calling them 'material cracks:'"

The City in Your Home!

Frame Magazine talks about creative researcher Javier Peña Ibanez : "Madrid-based creative researcher Javier Peña Ibáñez bring the city into our homes:"
Madrid seems to be popular in the media right now when it comes to the creative industry...really like this visual :-)

Oeehhh NICE!

Saw this via UNSEEN - Photography Fair Amsterdam: "We like the new issue of The British Journal of Photography, which covers the success of very young photographers making it in their teens. The issue also includes a special on some beautiful fashion photography, and a piece about Lorenzo Vitturi, who will both exhibit some of his work and present the site-specific performance Totem at #Unseen2013."...
Obviously I love it toooooo!

Oh Simplicity, I totally LOVE you!

..yes..this one is just fab isn't it? This was just published by Fab Europe.
"Some people call it a map: we call it a self-locator bracelet. Mum always said we were special."....

Super Jealous...!...

...that I didn't design this one! Designboom recently added this visual by John Grade I think....
..perhaps I would have made the inner details more spiky...but hey.....Grade's one is just awesome!

Shadowssss..larger than Life!

Look at those shadows that are larger than Life!
And yup, Art, Ctrl, Del caught my attention again.
These guys are pushing some amazing visuals to the front.
Credits: Unknown..aawww!


EXACTLY how I've been feeling lately!
Just posted by
Credits: by Joshua Hibbert

The Air Walking and Flying People are bahacckkk....

....Paris Design Week is playing with it....
the other image was posted by WeAreVoid (again yes the Amsterdam Art Gallery with a wonderful taste)...this is photographer Tereza Vlčková


...through the walls...and sometimes you only see half of the face. Love this image..!
Source: Urban Art House
'Unknown artist' their credits says...awww