Girls & their Dogs - Hellen van Meene Photography

Oh today was the last day to visit photographer Hellen van Meene's exhibition in the Fotomuseum (photomuseum) Den Haag (The Hague) and I just had to go! I love her photographs, they are almost always a little mysterious. Love the girls with dogs photos (major doglover over here). "For the last 20 years, Hellen van Meene (b. 1972) has ranked among the world’s top photographers. Her highly distinctive style and timeless, intimate images of young girls on the brink of adulthood have attracted international acclaim. Solo shows and group exhibitions have won her admirers in places as far away as Japan, Korea and the US. The Hague Museum of Photography now presents the first ever major retrospective of her entire oeuvre. Hellen van Meene career took off in a big way immediately after her graduation from the Rietveld Academie (Amsterdam) in 1996. Following various group exhibitions and a solo show at the Paul Andriesse gallery in Amsterdam, her international breakthrough came with a solo exhibition at the Photographers’ Gallery in London. Since then, her work has been acquired by major museums in the Netherlands and around the world. Collections in which it can now be found include those of the Gemeentemuseum Den Haag, Victoria & Albert Museum (London) and MoMA (New York).
Although Van Meene has continued to develop and her choice of subject has widened over the past twenty years, her work has always displayed the same consistent and distinctive personal style. Whatever the nature of her photographs - whether autonomous art works, images commissioned by the New York Times or Tank Magazine, portraits of young girls in Tokyo or Los Angeles, or portraits of dogs – each of them is always and unmistakeably ‘a Hellen van Meene’."

What I saw in Barcelona!

Belated greetings from Barcelona, just came back. Here one of the shots I took at Güell Park! I'll be back in this beautiful city in a couple of months!

Calligraphy Art by Pokras Lampas

Yeah, I know, I wrote about him before....some artists/works just stick with you...and that's ok! ;-)..totally love his work....and look at this gorgeous piece of art! "Today was the vernissage of my solo exhibition in 8Feat Gallery, Seoul. Modern calligraphy artwork on double layered rice paper, black ink with the gold powder. Artist: Pokras Lampas / Modern Calligraphy artist." Also love the clothes he's wearing in this picture..but that's just a sidenote.

Danish, Danish, Danish, Danish - Marine Life Re-Imagined by Steffen Dam

You can't go around the Danes anymore these days. The Dutch really appreciate Danish design, it's surfacing in our lifestyle retail branche, one of the Danish popular designstores keeps opening up shops here in Holland. I've talked about Danish design before - I love the culture and the language (learning Danish and Swedish is on my list). Here's another gorgeous example of lovely danish design/art: "As a child, Danish artist Steffen Dam loved poring over his grandparents’ collection of scientific books and cabinets of insects. This fascination of how we catalogue and understand the natural world followed through to his artistic glass career, where Dam creates highly detailed “Cabinets of Curiosities” that mimic oceanic specimens suspended in glass jars and plates. The pieces are usually displayed inside light boxes to better illuminate every minute detail from the fragile tentacles of a jellyfish to a flourish of bubbles that seem to dance around many of his specimens."

Barcelona-based Designer Designs Japanese Inspired Playhouses

I'll be travelling to Barcelona in a few weeks to visit my dear American friend Cody and to get to know the city.... so perhaps moi was lured into this subject because of  "Barcelona-based designer, David Lamolla of SmartPlayhouse" who designed a collection of minimalist playhouses inspired by Japanese architecture. Makes you want to be a kid again right? Gorgeous!

Sunday Inspiration of the Day ~ Jakarta artist Romo Jack AKA Ponypork


This stunning visual here is what caught my eye, saw it on Urban Contest's page. Couldn't find a lot about this artist, but his Instagram account will give you a feast of colours and intruiging visuals. The process of 'making' is important in this work as you can see by the artist's hands, arms while working on the piece. Love the tattoos, haha!