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Kind of like this one for today. Via Urban Contest, by John Holcraft.

Some extra photos Masterclass Barbara Stok

For my groupmembers: here some personal photos made with my camera during the Masterclass Barbara Stok CBK Groningen October 27th. Hope you enjoyed it as well ;-)


On the Success of the Tulpi-seat

A nice publication in Get Connected - Economic Board Utrecht. How come the Tulpi-seats are such a huge international hit the journalist asked me: to start out with this is very good Industrial design, combine it with fun and social elements and you have a Dutch Design Award winner for the most original design. But most of all and most important: the users totally love it! Social design with a touch of flair that brightens up public spaces, you can't get any better!

Textile Design Team

This textile design team, Tesler & Mendelovitch, keeps popping up with their super interesting geometric wooden clutches/purses.... and rightly so...the designs look amazing!!about/cjg9

New kind of street art

Haha...nice one huh? Via Street Art Berlin: "Hanau Radau
#hanauradau #consspace #streetartberlin #berlinstreetart
#streetartgermany #urbanartberlin #graffitiberlin #installations"

Masterclass Barbara Stok CBK Groningen

Oh and how wonderful it was yesterday during the masterclass with cartoon/graphic artist Barbara Stok in the Centre for Visual Arts in Groningen (CBK). We presented our work, received feedback from Barbara and the other group members, and we of course also listened to Barbara's stories about her work (her latest book on Vincent van Gogh is doing really well internationally!). Credits photos: CBK Groningen: For more info about Barbara see also:

Dutch Design Week 2013

The lovely things I noticed during the Dutch Design Week 2013: Umberto Dattolo (EVNI Furniture Sculpture), Irma Borgsteede and Dorrith Design, Boicut X Mostlikely,, Floris Hover and the Tulpi-bin of course!

The little people.....with feathers

Yeah this artist, Slinkachu, is currently the most playful with the theme 'little people' which is slowly gaining popularity. This one is called 'Skyscraping', via Urban Contest. Very nice!

Well goodmoooooorning!

With this one we can start the day right? Gorgeous!
"New Dutch Photography Talent stages 100 emerging photographers working in The Netherlands. On a daily basis we feature one of those photographers here.
Katrien Franken -"


A poster that can also be transformed into a lamp...hihi, very cute. "Austrian design collective Most Likely has created a set of posters that can be cut up and folded into lampshades shaped like cartoon animal heads." Also present at the Dutch Design Week 2013 in Eindhoven, The Netherlands.
 Dezeen Magazine:

Cities need colors!

Via Street Art NYC: "Nick Kuszyk aka R Robot in Williamsburg, Brooklyn (photo credit: Nick Kuszyk)". Love it!

Give me.....

....that KISS!
Daily Art Magazine News: "By Elena Vizerskaya"
So ssssuper Gorgeoussss!

Super Happy!

Yesterday I received the news that I am selected for the Masterclass with my favorite Dutch cartoon artist Barbara Stok. Those interested were asked to send in a cartoon. I've been drawing a lot over the last few years, especially drawings with stories for toddlers. The visual here is just a little part of the cartoon. Super happy!


Global Street Art: "Street art fans and artists we need you! You're helping push an amazing movement! This stunning piece by No Title was captured by Linda in Copenhagen (" What an amazing piece huh?


By Mr. Go....superrrr nice!!

Feather Sculpturesss

So lovely! Colossal just published this :
"Several new amazing culptures from artist Kate MccGwire who creates organic objects from thousands of collected pigeon feathers. "


Saw a lotttt of beautiful things today..this being just one of them. Daily Art other credits mentioned besides "Digital Art"

The FX Bridge

Found a cute little source on street art: El Mac.
"New mural for FX's The Bridge. Photo by Todd Mazer"

Seth in Paris

Global Street Art : "Seth in Paris - the Globepainter is pretty awesome hey!"

Tilt that Perspective.....

...and keep on walking! Awesome one right? Art, Ctrl, Dlt :
"Hossein Zare Photography (13 Pics + Info)
Check it:"

The Redhaired Woman

Graffiti Art Magazine reposted this one
Check out the final pics of the wall BEZT of Etam Cru did for INOPERAbLE in Vienna!!!!!

more pics:

Image of the Day!

Oooeeehhh it's stormy stormy wheather over here in The Netherlands!
Saw this via AllCity: "Artwork: Tasso.

Strong Image

Love this one. StreetArt in Germany:
Artist: Isaac Cordal
City: Berlin
Photo by

Forward Thinking ~ The Art of Transforming

Getting world cities ready for a more 'bicycle friendly' area would best be guided within 'transformational tools' like art and designplatforms. Stylepark features this project.. cool idea: "Do you like amazing art and design projects? Find more at Stylepark: — in Toronto, Ontario, Canada."


How does one adapt to the different directions we can take? Love this one : "After years of training as a professional ballet dancer artist Kylli Sparre made an abrupt course correction and decided to pursue conceptual photography. See the influence of dance in her surreal images:".

UNSEEN - Photography Fair Amsterdam

The UNSEEN photography fair here in our capital city is kind of a big thing these last few days.
Here just one of the gorgeous examples you could catch if you were heeeereeeee...;-)
"Laura Schrijver, 30: "You can look as far as you want in this photograph, there is no end."
Photograph: Lost Cabin, 2005 © Misha de Ridder/Galerie Juliette Jongma"


Little people.....

Came across this one this morning....'Little People - A Tiny Street Art Collection'..cute huh?

Woven Willow Mushrooms!

Oh London here I come I would say...look at this, saw this at Inhabitat's page: "A crop of larger-than-life woven willow mushrooms just sprouted in london's Kew Gardens!" I'm crazy about this gorgeous piece of art! Wouldn't mind having this in my garden, not at all!

The Coloured Bears..

This one is doing very well in all sorts of magazines, especially in the art areas. There are many amazing photos going around, but Architectual Digest just published this awesome one. "Emmanuel Perrotin and Dominique Levy team up to create two of NYC's must-see galleries—and they're both under one roof."


The Architect's Newspaper: "Mutant Message: Amazon updates designs for Seattle headquarters including three skyscrapers and a series of dramatic domes by NBBJ. Read more and see more renderings here: — in Seattle, WA, United States."


Saw this just now at Arts Holland's page, super nice!
"Misha de Ridder, Bergwald, 2013
Courtesy of Misha de Ridder and Juliette Jongma, Amsterdam"

Darrrrrrrrk, gorgeoussss~

Again via Dark Beauty Magazine..puurrrrrrr.....
"Photorapher: Christian Felices (Citrus Tree Photography)
Hair/Makeup: Helen Morgan
Model: Alex Kathryn"

The Endless Stair

...oh we should SO have this here in Utrecht, The Netherlands...I could point out the perfect place...right nowwww..oh how I wish I could manage this city's art portfolio!
Stylepark featured this just now: "Showdown at London Design Festival: “Endless Stair“, a project by „American Hardwood Export Council“ (AHEC) together with „dRMM Architects“. All photos © London Design Festival , Tate Gallery of Modern Art. Read the whole article and view more pictures at Stylepark: — at The London Design Festival."


Via Vandalog: "E1000 and Pablo S. Herrero in Spain. Photo courtesy of Pablo S. Herrero."