The New Dutch King and promoting Dutch Design

Today is the day here in The Netherlands! Here a nice little example of how the Dutchies like to promote Dutch Design. Our new King and Queen love our TULPI design!

Lamp Design with Feeeeeeelings!

Design Milk just posted this one. Totally love this design! So super!
"This amoeba-like lighting sculpture has feelings - it shakes, morphs, & expands based on the noises it hears:"

Shadow it!

Juxtapoze Magazine features this gorgeous photo :
"We love Belgium-based artist Fred Eerdekens' shadow typography created using everything from artificial cloud formations, food boxes, leaves, wires, and other found materials." Here's the link:

Dutch born Artist Ronald van der Hilst's tulips decorates interior metro space in China

Interior Design magazine writes about the illustrated tulips made by Dutch born Artist Ronald van der Hilst:
" Canadian design firm Igloodgn won the Qingdao Metro Design Competition by planting Ceramica Bardelli's handmade tiles—printed with Ronald Van Der Hilst's graphic tulip illustrations—throughout the space. " ...very nice!
For more info:

Another Dutch designer doing very very well internationally

Yatzer magazine just posted a feature on Dutch designer Daan Roosegaarde, he is doing very, very well in international business and relationships. I love the way he combines technology with art and design. Or as Yatzer writes:  
" What happens when technology jumps out of the computer screen and becomes part of the clothes we wear, the streets we walk on and the floors we dance on? A self-proclaimed ''hippie with a business plan'', Daan Roosegaarde started out with sculpting and gradually fell in love with technology as he looked for more life-like materials to merge his wild imagination with useful innovation. But who would hire somebody to conceptualize the future? Is that even a viable profession? I hear you ask. Apparently it is, and it’s one that Dutchman Roosegaarde truly loves."

Want to read more:

Category: hahahaha!

Designboom tells us about this one: "a pillow with personality! (or perhaps a boyfriend without one?!) read more

Oh Lamp Design I Love You!

Domus Magazine pushed this one forward, and what an awesome picture!
"Lzf Lamps si è presentata a Euroluce 2013 con un progetto particolare: High Fidelity, un quartetto d’eccezione fatto di musica, immagini grafiche, grafica in movimento e le lampade della nuova collezione"

Dutch city Nijmegen launches catalogue of affordable architect-designed housing kits

Dezeen, Architecture and Design Magazine writes about the Dutch city Nijmegen :
"Dutch city Nijmegen has launched a catalogue of affordable architect-designed housing kits for first-time buyers. The initiative allows buyers with an annual salary of between €30,000 and €47,000 to choose from 29 designs by different architecture studios. The city has so far allocated 30 plots in the Vossenpels district for the homes, which will be built from prefabricated kits." For more:

Owwwww WANT this Bubbles Ceramic Lamp by Lilach Lotan!

Ooowwww this lamp I surely MUST have, such a hipster design. Art &Design just posted it. Made by Lilach Lotan. Look at their cute little website:
this lamp is a 'must have'!

Dutch Rising Fashion Artist Winde Rienstra's latest 'Killers'

As she writes on her Facebook page: "Killer heels from my latest collection @ Salone del Mobilé"...she's been working hard on collections for quite some years now. Flew from the Amsterdam Fashion Week to Milan...she got there fast...if you know what I mean...!

Awesome design by Zaha Hadid

I was talking to a Swiss architect today, with whom we are working on an outdoor project. While browsing for cool outdoor benches I told her about the new design by Zaha Hadid, presented at the Milan Design Week. Look at this....Major cool!
Dezeen magazine reports: " Zaha Hadid imagined a block of ice formed in the crevasses of a glacier for the design of this bench, launching this week in the Tortona district of Milan. "
More images and info here:


So Gorgeous!

WeAreVoid just posted this info or credits, just a name ' with Alice Schimmelpenninck ', but this visual is soooo awesome I just have to post it! For more see:!/photo.php?fbid=588217351196391&set=a.588217301196396.1073741836.251464901538306&type=1&theater

'The Strangers Project' ~ Such an awesome Idea!

A friend of mine talked about this project (thanks Tiennie!)...and this was one of their fabulous pictures on their Facebook page The Strangers Project!/strangersproject
people write down a story they want to share..there are so many to pick from I can't just check it out and you will know what I mean!

Museum of Performance and Design ~ now that's some Design!

I see this one 'coming by' now and then, and yes I do love the sense of  'the waves', I can feel why an architect would design something like the Museum of Performance and Design by architect Mark Dziewulski, or, as Art & Architecture report on their page:
"The sweeping curves of this design proposal by architect Mark Dziewulski were created in collaboration with ballet legend Mikhail Baryshnikov, and were inspired by the movement and rhythm expressed in many of the performing arts. The design is one of four projects short-listed for the San Francisco, California Museum of Performance and Design, and is the first international arts institution devoted entirely to the performing arts and theatrical design. The building’s form is also reminiscent of “the twists of a conductor’s baton, the swirl of fabric in the clothes of a performer and the stage curtains that open to allow an audience into the world of the imagination,” according to Dziewulski. The museum is intended to be a highly visible landmark and an architecturally significant design that crosses the boundaries of education, age, and culture."
See also:


Design Market @ Groningen

Via Hodnl Houseofdesign: for the Dutchies among us an awesome design market this coming Sunday - grote markt, Groningen!

The 100 big Ideas in Design

Marketing wise the 100 big Ideas in....(type your category) is running within many streams of product marketing, and certainly also in Design. The Editor at Large writes:Interior Design Magazine has embarked on it's latest venture: "The 100 Big Ideas in Design" annual issue. The very first issue hit stands in March and we've highlighted some of the big ideas here:"
Love the chair!

New Balloon Sculpture by artist Jason Hackenwerth ♥

This lovely colourful sculpture by artist Jason Hackenwerth is on display at Edinburgh International Science Festival. It's beautiful isn't it? For more info:

Lottie Davies photography tableaus Memories and Nightmares. Super Interesting!

Finally an interesting visual...the Easter Überaschung I was looking for. Very cool and edgy, with an interesting title. GUP Magazine writes: Opening this week in London! Lottie Davies presents her meticulously staged tableaus 'Memories and Nightmares'. For more details see our exhibition guide:
Image © Lottie Davies