Inspiration of the Day ~ Jan Kaláb's Mesmerizing Work

Ooohh as soon as I saw this I knew this was going to be my inspiration of the day, it's just fabulous!
"You may know Czech artist Jan Kaláb, aka “POINT” (used for his sculptures), aka “Cakes” (used for his traditional graffiti), and the founder of street art crew the “DSK”. He is credited as one of the first artists to bring urban art into Eastern European countries after the borders opened up in the early 90s. Kaláb’s work has seen an evolution since his abstract graffiti writing, where in recent years, he has translated his street art style onto canvas and hand-painted geometric sculptures. He refers to his sculptures as “3D Graffiti”, infinite spheres that break the two-dimensional surface of his paintings. Exhibited together, his paintings and sculptures illustrate an abstract world of forms and the relationship between those forms. Kaláb is currently showing a new series of eight paintings and a sculpture in his solo exhibition, “TENSION” at BC Gallery in Berlin, Germany. Here, the planet Earth is presented as a sphere itself, which has been constantly shifting and changing its surface since the beginning of time. The exhibit is an extension of the artist’s overall narrative about the relationship between this naturally occurring tension and that which occurs in our daily lives." Source: Hi-Fructose Magazine.

This Wild Idea & Oh Oh Oh The Holidays Are Coming!

It's almost Christmas time and I thought to use this occasion and post a photo of one of my favorite photographers of the moment who works under the name This Wild Idea (cool title I must say). This guy creates the most amazing visuals. His number one subject in all his pictures is his fabulous dog Maddie, so sweet. He's won a National Geographic award. He writes on his page: " Hi I'm Theron Humphrey. I was born and raised in coastal North Carolina; it’s the sort of place with sandy soil you can’t forget. Growing up I spent a lot of time on my Granddad’s farm. I’ll always remember sitting in his den listening to stories and there always being one too many logs on the fire.In between then and now I went to school in Savannah, GA. Became good friends with my sister. You know, adult friends. Told my Mom I love her. Found deeper roots in Idaho. Traversed all 50 states + met my best friend Maddie the Coonhound. These days I like to think my photography exists somewhere between that country living and city ideals. Images with roots and connections but excited about big lights and tall buildings." Here's his website and here's his facebook page, you will not regret taking a look, I promise!

So Lovely : Rosa's Miniature Landscapes

Oh I love this! For those who have been reading my blog for a while now know I am crazy about miniature art/objects/animals. Rosa de Jong is a Dutch artist and her creations are receiving a lot of praise lately, looking at her work you will soon understand why, it's gorgeous! "[encapsulated within long vertical glass volumes, the miniature landscapes built by amsterdam-based designer rosa de jong form tiny scenes for the viewer to investigate and imagine. handcrafted from an eclectic mix of materials such as paper, cardboard, tree branches and moss, the small scenarios depict surreal architectural environments and structural impossibilities. a stack of buildings teeters on the edge of a tiny mound of earth that seemingly hovers in mid-air; an urban-style structure is contained within a transparent tube; a miniature paper water tower rises above a suspended patch of greenery. take a look at the series of tiny worlds titled ‘micro matter’ below and see more of de jong intricate process here. " Source:

How A Dutch Museum Turns Against Selfies and Welcomes You to Draw What You See

The Rijksmuseum (Amsterdam) is not 'into selfies' anymore instead they came up with this great idea: drawing tours (teekentours - that's the way they spelled it on their page). They've invited artists to lead the tours and give you tips and tricks while being guided through the museum. Their slogan: ' People who want to draw are Always welcome in the Rijksmuseum'. Interested? The tours are available every Saturday during the Christmas holidays. You can get more info --> here.

Skateboard Decks & Haroshi's Amazing Art


This guy's work is really something. He's worked with Nike (as you can see when looking at the picture) and Vans. And since I am kind of crazy myself now about wood and wood carving this is an inspirational example. "Born in 1978, Haroshi is a self-taught Japanese artist, currently based in Tokyo. He creates full-scale, three-dimensional, ...wooden sculptures with used skateboard decks. As a passionate skater from his early teens to present, Haroshi possesses a thorough knowledge of the anatomy of a skateboard and all of its parts including the deck, trucks and wheels. He often scavenges, collecting broken skateboards to recycle the parts and use in his work. With no formal art training, Haroshi has adapted the determined perseverance and DIY ethos of skate culture, into creating works of art. Haroshi’s relationship with his artwork is the same with his skateboards—they are his life, his vehicle for communication and expression." You can see more of what he makes here.

The New Kind of Grafitti - Portable Projection!

Haha, this is fun. "WalkPro3D is a wireless, fully portable projector that allows users to shoot animated images anywhere, onto virtually anything. Video artist and expert projectionist Shaun O’Connor has turned his innovations in wearable tech into a visual performance business and a promotional branding vehicle for hire. With his company, PRICKIMAGE, he specializes in uniquely immersive visuals, body and video mapping, and interactive installations.
A month ago, O’Connor released a video premiering the third tier in the evolution of his handheld HD video projection project, WALKABOUT Projection, It breaks from traditional projection and its stagnant confines, allowing artists and performers to manipulate their visual content and improvise with its display...."More here:

The Love for Wood, Carving & Animals

I love, love, love wood, always have and always will. I've brought a big chunck of wood with me today coming back from work, so I am guessing it will not be long before I start carving myself...and if only I would have talent like this! Discovered the artist on social media. Animal Carve is the name of this project, also love the logo! I've asked my friend Tiennie from Taiwan to translate some of the text I found on this artist's page (one of the links I found originates from Taiwan). I'll add more details as soon as I receive it. In the meantime, have a look at gorgeous wood carving pictures.
Added info: well looks like the artist's pages do not give a lot of information. Tiennie wrote that Animal Carve is listed as a studio, no specific names, located in Zhongli, North Taiwan.