When you...

Totally ♥ mushrooms and snails...and you want to draw a very big drawing...you make something like this...well, I do anyway ;-)..and it's not done yet, so Fun for me!♥
© Cindrea Limburg, 2012.

Nature inspired...nature Loving! ♥

Oh this is so incredibly NICE! Design by Ingo Maurer. Saw this in the Minimalist Design Magazine, so Fab!

How cute is this?

Saw this in the London Steet Art Design Magazine (LSD). I'm quoting: 'The Moss Table is a prime example of biophotovoltaic technology, where there are conductive wires located under the moss pots that will be able to collect all the electrons generated via the photosynthesis process so that an electric current of between five and ten microamps at about half a volt will be sent directly into a battery for your charging use' See also:http://www.ubergizmo.com/2012/04/moss-table-generates-and-stores-electricity/

A Fabulous and Constant Reminder of Our Lovely Moon!

Gorgeous isn't it? Saw it on the FB page of the Minimalist Design Magazine. Moon by Sotirios Papadopoulos