Happy Halloweeeeen ;-)

Totally love the cute little iBoo I received from Taiwan designer Balance Wu during the Dutch Design Week 20-28 October 2012 in Eindhoven. It's a little glow in the dark item so you can find your phone in the dark!
For more info see his site or his FB:

To start the week with ♥

This piece is so gorgeous, I can start my week with this!
I'm quoting:
"The artwork is presented by Galerie Krinzinger, GallerySKE, Galerie Daniel Templon and Tilton Gallery at Art Unlimited, Art Basel’s installation exhibition platform.
Artwork Description
“Sudarshan Shetty, best known for his enigmatic and moving sculptural installations, has long been recognized as one of the most innovative conceptual artists in India. Trained in painting, Shetty found himself increasingly attracted to the idioms of sculpture and installation, developing a sculptural language that entices the viewer by its grandiose scale and hypnotising movement, while revealing the mechanics of its working in plain sight, foregrounding the artifice that is involved in mounting a show. Shetty’s work engages with ‘memory at large’ and explores the social life of objects and their capacities to offer new kinds of subjective experience by creating hybrid devices that engage with the idea of a philosophical ‘loss of body’ as a social and biological condition. His work often alludes to absence: not as a mere negation of presence but rather the idea of ‘being elsewhere’ – empty jackets, vessels, and circulating liquids all come to denote the absent body while exhausting the viewer by the seeming futility of their repeated actions.”
More info see: http://www.morfae.com/0950-sudarshan-shetty/
Saw this on design-dautore.com


Aaawwww....again, saw this via Anonymous ART of Revolution's Facebook page, no source description I'm afraid :-(...awesome visual!

Wishing you a cherry weekend ;-)

Design Milk magazine reported about the Cherry lamps by designer Nina Zupanc....who could resist these? I'm quoting: "Nika reinterprets everyday objects as she thematizes the role of women in the predominantly masculine world of design. The Black Cherry Lamp is a modular assembly of lamps that pays homage to every single cherry in the world blessed with a shape that is simple and mysterious at the same time."

Identity ♥

Via Anonymous Art of revolution Facebook page. If someone would make me choose one picture that would portrayal most parts of my identity and imagination, this would be MY picture! Absolutely LOVE it! OK OK....I can't help it....two visuals.....so if I had to choose two visuals....;-)

Picture of the day! ♥

AMAZING! right? Saw this in Design D'autore's Facebook magazine, with a rather obscure photo reference (image via dearmonet.tumblr.com), but that's not spoiling the photo fun!

Cutest designs on Pinkoi

Via a friend in Taiwan (yeaahhh Taiwan!) I received Pinkoi's website and FB page. This Taipei based company offers the cutest of the cutest designs. Look at this....it's Fabulous!

♥ Origami

Design Milk magazine published this great article and pictures about 3D origami...totally LOVE it!
" Jun Mitani might be a professor of computer science at the University of Tsukuba but I’m pretty sure he has a Ph.D. in paper folding. He works his magic with the help of algorithms and computer software that he’s developed to create the 3D origami pieces he’s known for. After doing the designing in the software, he scores folding lines on the paper. Once that’s done, he let’s his hands do what they do best and these sculpture are formed. Can you imagine the paper cuts he must have?"

Birds and Inspiration ♥

Birds are a constant inspiration....love the work of Marco Mazzoni I saw in Juxtapoz's Magazine. I'm quoting: "new moleskin sketches for his upcoming show at Roq La Rue Gallery in Seattle. This piece, “The Moralist”, out of colored pencils and pen on paper from his moleskin, is specifically for his show, “The River of Milk”, opening October 12th." In case you'd like to read more about this:

♥ Photography: Sleep Elevation

I can't say how MUCH I love this project: “Sleep Elevations” by French photographer Maia Flore | photo © Maia Flore | Saw this in Style park magazine.....
.......................Oh take me with! ♥

Cute plant terraniums ♥

Blend magazine's article about plant terraniums by by Score + Solder?!is so amazing. Love the shapes! For more see: http://www.blend.nl/score-solder/