Interested in what you can do with...salt?

This is so cool..Blend magazine has put some gorgeous pictures up reflecting the works of artist Motoi Yamamoto. It's amazing! For more pictures see:

Love clouds!

Saw this one on the website of designmilk....such a cute little refuge 'houssie'...want one! For more info see:

Gorgeous floor design!

Saw this in the Elephant Magazine. Elephant is a quarterly magazine on contemporary art and visual culture. Featuring up-to-the-minute visual material, fresh faces and original voices, the magazine covers and uncovers new trends and talent in contemporary visual culture.

I'm quoting: " [a]rtist Motoi Yamamoto creates intricate sand patterns around the exhibition space, creating beautiful, temporary artwork: "

Nice site for designer goods!

A friend of mine from Taiwan gave me this tip: a website for affordable handmade designer stuff....always a pleasure!
Have fun! I really like this bag with birds:

One Hundred Fish Fountain

One Hundred Fish Fountain is the title of this amazing piece of art by Bruce Nauman. Here's a quote from the New York Times:' “One Hundred Fish Fountain,” is an actual working fountain. Bronze casts of real fish — catfish, bass, whitefish and other species — are suspended by wires from the ceiling at different heights. They appear to be swimming in a giant aquarium. Rather than being immersed in water, however, each is a hollow container from which water spurts in slender streams through multiple little perforations. The water falls like rain into a broad, shallow basin on the floor, from which it is pumped back up to each fish through a hose connected to its belly." ' (August 9, 2012)
Image: Bruce Nauman

Shell House

For those who are also crazy about organic design here a little peak at the Shell House by design bureau Artechnic, Tokyo Japan:

Photo credit: