TWorlds : The Dutch (Picture-Sharing) App of the Week!

TWorlds is a picture sharing app designed by Dutch designer Antoine Peters. TWorld: Two Worlds, One Moment. "It’s the stuff of schmaltz and bad screenplays, but nevertheless: Everyone, at one point or another, has wondered, “Is there anyone else out there doing this exact same thing at this exact same moment?”
That question used to be more romantic, before social media came along and gave us phone-sized windows into the lives of others. But even those glimpses are curated according to who you already know, the manicured moments they’ve cherry-picked, and when they choose to share them. So when the question floated through Dutch designer Antoine Peters’s mind (while he was staring out a window, no less) he got the idea to build an app that would answer the question in the most literal sense possible. He found a local group of developers, Noodlewerk, to build it, and had his girlfriend design some playful black-and-white graphics. Tworlds is simple. Log in, and allow the app to know your location (but, “No worries, it’s only to the level of city,” the app assures you), and then choose one of the 20 or so subject prompts. Say you tap on “#rainbow.” Snap a picture of that gorgeous rainbow (or maybe of some Skittles. Whatever! Be creative.) and Tworlds will immediately share that photo with someone else who, at that same moment, is doing something #rainbow. In return, you’ll get that person’s picture, and the two will turn into a diptyque of a moment frozen in time. As Peters sees it, this could yield all kinds of experiences, ranging from competitive and playful to ones that take the edge off of loneliness, maybe “helping you when you’re feeling sad, or when you can’t sleep.” Want to read more? Or have a look at this video:

Creative Workspace Design

Working on a new fabulous workspace design project or did you  complete one recently? Frame publishers (Amsterdam) just published a call for entries for their new book The Other Office 2. Their first book was already pretty amazing and definitely inspiring. "We are pleased to announce that Frame Publishers has a new book in the pipeline – The Other Office 2 – which showcases the best in creative workspace design. This title is now open for entries, and you are invited to share your latest office projects with us." I love this publisher's brand image and profiling. "Founded in 1997 by Peter Huiberts and Robert Thiemann, Frame Publishers specializes in high-end publications for a global audience of creative professionals. Its three highly international magazines cover art, architecture, design and interiors, reaching readers in 77 countries. Moreover, the company also publishes specialized books pertaining to the same creative fields. This makes Frame Publishers a one-stop shop when it comes to connecting with art buyers, architects and designers worldwide." They've published an amazing list of books on design, so if your ever need any kind of creative input I'd recommend you to browse through them. Curious? Take a look here:

Clay Illustrations for Cute Marketing Campaigns by Stefano Colferai

Stefano Colferai

Thinking about adding a little fun and cuteness to your marketing campaigns? What do you think about these funny clay illustrations made by Italian artist Stefano Colferai? "Just like a modern day Wallace and Gromit, Stefano Colferai‘s clay creations are cute, light-hearted and can be enjoyed by adults and children alike. He spends many hours with his cutting board, modeling knife and colored clay. Carving out hamburgers, candies, tacos, chicken nibbles, sneakers, boobs and self portraits (all with big googly eyes), Colferai is no stranger to having a laugh to himself and indulging his own sense of humor. These behind the scenes videos show us a candid insight to his process and creative practice. Personifying objects and giving them some sense of life is Colferai’s specialty. Like all good animators he can convincingly tell us a narrative through an unexpected image. Like his ‘Shit Selfie’ – a humorous look at a modern day phenomena. His fresh take on different ideas is what makes him an exciting talent to watch." I'm adding a Youtube clip here where you can see Colferai create a black cat. The source I will give you below also shows you nice Vimeo clips about Colferai's work.

American Student Brings Green Packaging Design to the Next Level : The Seeded Coffee Cup

Reduce.Reuse.Grow by Alex Henige

Giving body to your next big idea is all about knowing how and where to plant your seeds. This new product, currently part of a Kickstarter campaign, will bring all the seeds to you: a disposable coffeecup embedded with wildflower seeds. The product is titled Reduce. Reuse. Grow. Now isn't that at wonderful idea? " People’s coffee habits have led to a startling amount of waste, much of which fails to end up in recycling bins. Then again, they can only be reused a couple of times before they end up in landfills too. Enter the seeded cup: made of post-consumer paper, these compost-certified cups have organic native wildflower seeds embedded in them, so they can be planted after use to help replenish barren soil and attract/feed indigenous local pollinators. They’ll biodegrade within 180 days, creating a nutrient-rich soil layer in which those flower seeds can grow. The seeds chosen are those native to the region where the cups will be distributed; for example, a California Native Cup has mountain garland, California poppy, and farewell-to-spring seeds in it, just to name a few. Each cup also contains at least one tree seed, so cups that are planted in barren, felled areas will be replenished with trees as well. These cups cost the same as standard biodegradable, recyclable cups, which is a huge incentive when approaching coffee shops and various organizations to stock them. Even if consumers are lazy and pitch these cups into the regular garbage instead of a dedicated Reduce, Reuse, Grow receptacle, the cup will still biodegrade completely in fewer than 200 days." This project is created by American landscape architect student Alex Henige. He writes on his website: "Here at Reduce. Reuse. Grow. our mission from day one has to primarily focus on everyday items in which we use yet then end up throwing away leaving to later hurt our local ecosystems in one way or another." This coffee cup could have so many functions, it could even be used as a great marketing tool for coffee companies.
Source used:
Original website:

#yourjob (#jouwbaan) via Twitter

It's #yourjob today via Twitter. Are you looking for a new position..then don't forget to tweet your hashtags on Twitter. The power of social media is set to be extended to the job market, Twitter is hosting its first European job fair today! I myself am looking for a position in/near Utrecht, Amersfoort, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Den Bosch. Oh and please do retweet mine, thanks! :-)

Be the Zeitgeist : The Difference Between Good Content and Great Content

This article is great for anyone interested in content management. "We live in an age of content overload. Go online and it doesn’t take long before you’re bombarded by content, whether it be text, images, video or a combination of the three. As a result we have developed filters to sift through all that uninteresting noise and lock onto those sparkly little diamonds in the rough that we might well find entertaining. What exactly differentiates a diamond from say… a lump of coal?
Create a Feeling, Leave an Impression
What makes great content though? What makes us, not just sit up and take notice, but share it, talk about it down the pub, go and seek out more of the same?
Entertain don’t Sell
John Deere was one of the early pioneers of content marketing. He knew that he would never make his fortune by knocking on people’s doors and trying to sell them things. Deere realised that if he wrote a publication that people enjoyed reading, people would turn to it for entertainment, information and advice.
Walking the Fine Line between Irrelevancy and Corporate Alienation
Making original and entertaining content is hard enough but creating content that is this and at the same time somehow chimes with the themes and ideals of your brand, without every putting off your audience is a very careful balancing act to pull off.
Follow the Zeitgeist
Understanding your audience, is quoted again and again in countless guides to content marketing for the simple reason that it is one of the hardest things to really do effectively. Brands both big and small like to think they know their audience but this is very rarely the case.
Be the Zeitgeist
All fashions and trends are the product of the social and cultural paradigms from which they emerge and from time to time, brands can find themselves in the driving seat of the next big thing. This doesn’t happen out of the blue..."

Brazilian Artist Henrique Oliveira's Amazing Wooden Sculptures and Installations

Henrique Oliveira

Henrique Oliveira (Brazil) makes sculptures and installations no one will easily forget. Look at these pictures and you will know what I mean. The pictures featured here are from the exhibition Transarquitetônica – Museu de Arte Contemporânea (new building) – São Paulo, Brazil
april 26, 2014 – january 25, 2015. About this amazing work: "transarquitetônica’, his largest immersive installation to date. using materials recycled from his home city’s urban fabric, oliveira has configured a massive series of snaking wooden columns wrapping through the interior space, which can be entered and experienced by the visitor." His current exhibition is titled: From Valongo to Favela and can be seen in the Museu de Arte do Rio (MAR), Rio de Janeiro, Brazil."The Imaginary and the Periphery. "Taking this history of exclusion as its point of departure, the exhibition From Valongo to Favela examines by means of the presence in art how the cultural imaginary of this periphery was formed. The showing traces a pathway from historical images of the place and the activities that occurred there, to the development of the favela as an issue of interest to art far beyond the geographical limits of its origins. Today, the concepts of ‘periphery’ and ‘peripheral’ are of vital importance for contemporary art, put here into critical dialogue with the traces of a continuously re-envisioned and reinvented past.
The favela and, more precisely, the port region of Rio de Janeiro, have a long history and as such are a fundamental part of the memory modes and life of Brazil. Visibility is necessary such that the respect, due to all, also reaches those who have always been excluded and consigned to the margins" There are currently also two exhibitions with his work in France.

Rubik's Cube Inspired Lamp Design

5+5 Lamp


Oikimus Design

Since it's a little 'light' reading. Saw this on Design Milk yesterday, amazing design right? "Children of the 1970s, you’re about to get a heavy dose of nostalgia. I’m sure we all remember the Rubik’s Cube, but do you remember its sister toy, the Rubik’s Snake (I think it was also known as the Rubik’s Twist)? I do, I do!! These two designers, Oikimus Maria and Ivan Zverev, of Oikimus Design, (St. Petersburg) remember it too, and designed the 5+5 Lamp based on it. Just like the toy, 5+5 is made up of elements interconnected by hinges that allow the parts to rotate 360° to create various two- and three-dimensional shapes. The lamp’s case is made of plywood and is outfitted with LEDs inside that illuminate through frosted Plexiglas. Due to the lamp’s ability to change, it can become a table lamp, a wall lamp, or it can even be attached to your ceiling." Love it!

Street Art Aesthetics in St. Petersburg

Gorgeous right? "Tes One is incredibly talented! Featuring the fellow talented Pale Horse Design, in turning the rear wall of the State Theatre, a local music venue in Saint Petersburg, into an aesthetic spectacle." Via:

Architectual Spaces Transforming into Luminous Landscapes

Daan Roosegaarde

Here in Holland artist Daan Roosegaarde gained a lot of attention by creating the Rainbow station: "Rainbow Station connects the historic Amsterdam Central Station with astronomy science to create a site specific rainbow of light.Together with the University of Leiden, Roosegaarde unravels light efficiently into a spectrum of colours. Via new liquid crystal technology which is developed for research on exoplanets, Rainbow Station takes the exact shape of the 125 year old historic station roof.
The artwork marks the celebration of the 125th anniversary of the railway station, and the start of the UNESCO International Year of Light 2015." The work of British artist Liz West is even more colourful! "Liz West creates vivid environments that mix luminous colour and radiant light. Working across a variety of mediums, West aims to provoke a heightened sensory awareness in the viewer through her works. She is interested in exploring how sensory phenomena can invoke psychological and physical responses that tap into our own deeply entrenched relationships to colour. West's investigation into the relationship between colour and light is often realised through an engagement between materiality and a given site. Within physical and architectural space, West uses light as a material that radiates outside of its boundaries and containers. She playfully refracts light through using translucent, transparent or reflective materials, directing the flow of artificial light. Our understanding of colour can only be realised through the presence of light. By playing and adjusting colour, West brings out the intensity and composition of her spatial arrangements. These ephemeral interventions forge new spaces and environments, from flooding a physical site with a rich mixture of light to using colour to disrupt the white flatness of paper. "

Liz West

Her latest work is titled Your Colour Perception.
"Your Colour Perception is Liz West’s largest site-specific installation to date, which incorporated all 5000 square feet of Castlefield Gallery’s New Art Spaces Federation House fourth floor in Manchester. West reacted to the architectural space using colour and light to create a vast immersive installation artwork. This presentation of new work was open for the weekend 31st January and 1st February. West intentionally utilised the darkness outside to raise the strength of the illumination and colouration in the work. Using the enormous space to install a light work in the darkest Winter months allowed the colour to bleed with more saturation than if displayed any other time of the year."

The German View on the Best New Branding for Businesses

I've been following German publisher Gestalten for a while now. Gestalten "specializes in developing content for aficionados of cutting-edge visual culture worldwide. For us, visual culture is the output resulting from the interrelationship of design, art, architecture, photography, and other visual disciplines with each other as well as other areas such as popular culture and music. In drawing from a variety of influences and combining them in ways not yet seen before, this work is pushing contemporary creative expression to new frontiers." Gestalten's latest publication makes clear the big impact that good design can make on small businesses. " Start Me Up! is a compendium of innovative branding and design, with a particular focus on smaller businesses that are using simplicity, honesty and a sense of tradition to help cut through the clutter. As stated in the foreword, "The general shift towards tradition has set off a new wave of authentic artisanship, especially in the realm of gastronomy and consumer goods. Bespoke services are booming, and so are shops selling small, personally packed batches of their products. With a preference for products that promise to accompany us for a while, we also favour styles that do not run the risk of falling out of fashion; brands that we trust to withstand the test of time. "The terms 'locally-sourced', 'independent', 'bespoke' and 'heritage' have undoubtedly become more commonplace in the current landscape of brand terminology, with some of the bigger brands attempting to capture that start-up spirit with pop-up shops and smaller label spin offs. Starbucks' recent opening of the Starbucks Reserve Roastery & Tasting Room in Seattle is proof of how a major corporation is buying into the visual cues that are so strongly associated with independent coffee shops. Keeping these ideas in mind, we spoke to Sven Ehmann, Gestalten's creative director, to hear more about the thinking behind the book." For more info about the book see also: 

Why 2015 is the Year of the Diversity Trend

According to Mashable 2015 will be the year of diversity. "Diversity is very in this year. Let's hope it's not a passing trend. New York Fashion Week is welcoming participants and models of many backgrounds this season. The runways are seeing more ethnicities, gender identities, sexual orientations, sizes and abilities than ever before. "You have to focus on the opinions of yourself rather than on the opinions of others on yourself. It helps you lead a very happy life," model Winnie Harlow tells Mashable after she walked the Desigual show last Thursday. Harlow has a skin pigmentation disease called vitiligo, which causes patches of different coloring. For all its innovation, the fashion industry hasn't traditionally been welcoming to "different" models like Harlow. Fashion models are still overwhelmingly white and extremely thin; major fashion designers tend to be men; and the clothes themselves favor body types the media deems "ideal." To be fair, Fashion Week had a heads up that housecleaning was on the agenda. The past year has proved the world craves different backgrounds, especially in media and advertising — which, let's face it, are what keep fashion afloat. Tess Holliday is the first and largest plus-sized model to score a major contract, and social media demanded to know whether fashion magazine InStyle lightened Kerry Washington's skin for its cover. The tide certainly seems to be changing. Despite the dour weather, NYFW is bubbling with an undercurrent of joy. We have diversity to thank for it." The Mashable author gives us 7 examples of diversity within marketing campaigns. I've selected two: the disabled models for FTL Moda and Canadian model Winnie Harlow for Desigual who was diagnosed with a skin pigmentation condition, I've made some print screens. Want to read more?


Olafur Eliassion's Psychedelic Prisms and Dream Art Installations

Olafur Eliassion

Sometimes you see a kind of installation that will draw you into a peculiar and interesting kind of world. Meet Olafur Eliassion (Danish-Icelandic artist), and his art. "Fall down the rabbit hole and take a walk on the wild side in Olafur Eliasson’s world of psychedelic prisms and dreams.  An “Alice in Wonderland” fantasized-like experience of kaleiscope and colorful imagination, testing all your senses.  A magical sight of both light and darkness. His carefully constructed umbrella of mirrors resemble a mysterious and complicated visual spider’s web.  A beautiful complexity hard to resist visiting and walking through.  Face forward and step. Look up, look down, to your sides and digest the vivid dream that surrounds you. Relax your eyes and allow light to enter your pupils. The tunnels he creates are made out of various pieces and sizes of glass.  Walking through must be something like sitting on a rainbow.
Turning around sends you back into the depths of black, as the glass pieces lose their color—showcasing another dimension…. onyx city.  His work encourages you to walk through to the other side.  Standing dead center might feel like a cross road.  A contemplation. A decision. Should I stay?  Should I go?  Should I continue forward? Should I go back? A moment of mindful reflection stirring up emotion." Source: 

Olafur Eliassion

Female Energy to Prep You for the Week

Here some female energy to prep you for the coming working week. I've made a collage of four magnificent visuals which I've selected from some of my favorite online magazines namely; Schön Magazine, "Schön! Magazine is the ultimate in creative collaborations, showcasing a dynamic and diverse array of ideas and talent. Established in 2009, Schön! started as an online magazine to showcase international creative talent. It rapidly grew into a luxurious printed publication with an annual global circulation of over 92,000. Schön! is now distributed internationally in 43 countries, with the main focus on the UK, USA and Europe, while the online magazine is visited by a quarter of a million unique users from all over the world. We pride ourselves in the originality of our content, which features not only fashion, but also art, illustration, conceptual photography, top celebrities, iconic photographers and the legendary faces who make our creative world so exceptional", AfroStyle Magazine (launched in 2009, "An African & Multicultural Fashion Editorial Mag that recognizes/expores the diversity & complexities of the Human Race/Diaspora and their unique cultural breath (style) via Imagery, Fashion Spreads, Interviews & Articles"), DarkBeauty Magazine, founded in 2010 "Dark Beauty Magazine exists to bring the art and passion of fashion together in a collective of storytelling photography. Sharing with it’s readers the creativity and masterminds behind brilliant imagery. Through the images we celebrate the fashion and the stories that are told though a team of photographers, designers, makeup and hair designers along with set and lighting professionals. We encourage, inspire and bring out a different point of view. Not only for our readers, but for other up an coming professional photographers. Dark Beauty Magazine is not just a magazine, we are a fashion bible, an inspirational toolkit and a book compiling amazing artists in one place",  and Institute Magazine, "The World's Most Exclusive Online Fashion Destination" is the only description/mission about the magazine I could find. 

Ms. Valentina Wishes You a Great Day!

Fabulous Farah, my amazing 7-year old Shetland Sheepdog, today Ms. Valentina, hopes you've had, or will have, a great day! Make it a day to remember everyone!

Public Art and Playtime! - Marc Fornes in Canada

Marc Fornes

It's weeeekend- playtime! Here an awesome combination of public art and play by designer Marc Fornes: " MARC FORNES/THEVERYMANY fabricates vaulted willow pavilion in edmonton (all images courtesy of marc fornes /theverymany). Erected within Edmonton, canada’s borden park is the ‘vaulted willow’ — an architectural folly that explores lightweight, ultra-thin, self-supported shells by marc fornes/theverymany. conceived through the development of custom computational protocols of structural form-finding and descriptive geometry, the pavilion is the result of a reciprocal relationship that encompasses experiments in non-linear architectural typology (multiple entries, distributed feet with branching and spiral legs…), structural differentiation (bifurcation of structural download forces, tighter radii of leg profiles for rigidity…) and programmatic possibilities for a winding playground (hide and seek…). the scheme is composed of a striated skin that is an assemblage of intricate structural shingles (721 aluminium stripes) of three different thicknesses. these elements are digitally fabricated that overlap through their extended tabs, doubling their material thickness, and are fastened into place by 14,043 connectors. the entirety of the structure is secured through 60 epoxy concrete anchors, fixing 24 base plates to a concrete pad of 240 cubic feet." Source: 

Marc Fornes

Floating Office Opened in Amsterdam

Well this if funny! "News from our home base Amsterdam: Waternet, the company responsible for keeping Amsterdam’s canals clean and free from rubbish, just got a new, floating, office which rises and falls with the water level.The three-story building was designed by Amsterdam-based Attika architects. The structure has a timber frame and its thatched facade is made from reed. According to the architects “the building’s shape is basic and bold”, while “the reed of the facade represents water purification, being the very essence of the Waternet company. The 875 square meters floor area contains office space, a canteen and showers and locker rooms in the underwater basement. The ‘ark’ is currently located at the northern part of Amsterdam’s harbours, but if needed the office will simply sail to its next location.” Source:

Ford Mustang SPEED dating Valentine Marketing Prank Will Make you Laugh so Loud!

Hahaha this one is SUPER hilarious, it made me laugh out loud. Ford Mustang used the term speed dating literally, but the guys that were invited to date with this hot blonde who is actually a professional stunt driver did not know anything about it. After a small talk she takes them into her red Mustang, pretending she can't drive 'Uhh I think you might want to shift there'....what comes next...hahaha...have a look yourself and have fun! I've watched the clip about four times myself and it keeps making me smile. Love the music they selected as well!


Digital Fantasy Candy Coloured Landscapes

Mahmoud Jouini

Oh just look at these, aren't they just fabulous candy coloured landscapes? I love them. "Mahmoud Jouini’s digital artworks are filled with sweeping bird’s eye views that look like something one might see while cruising in a helicopter over Jupiter. The Libyan artist and graphic designer created this series using 3D modeling software, though certain pieces look like extreme close-ups of bacteria under a microscope or perhaps otherworldly landscape photography. Jouini’s uses acidic colors that swirl in oil slick-like patterns; forests of mysterious growths punctuate his fluorescent lagoons. Virtually uninhabited, his toxic planet looks simultaneously inhospitable and alluring." Source:

Mahmoud Jouini

Internet Museum to be Opened in Berlin - Germany

It seems Berlin may soon have a brand new museum dedicated to everything that has to do with the internet. "What is continually changing, always expanding, and ultimately boundless? If you spend more time staring at a computer screen than you do looking up at the stars, your answer might not be the universe, but the internet. Fortunately, for those of us wondering what it all means, a few movers and shakers in Berlin are opening the Internet Museum, the first brick-and-mortar institution dedicated to the world wide web. (In 2012, a small group from Netherlands launched the Big Internet Museum, but that’s an entirely digital enterprise).“The internet and the associated ongoing digitization of society has become an integral part of our everyday lives and an economic basis for many people,” co-founder Paul Rascheja told the DPA, explaining why he wants to explore the subject within a traditional museum space. He and his colleagues are now searching for a location in central Berlin to house exhibitions. They hope to raise the nearly $700,000 needed for construction through the crowdfunding platform Startnext, as well as private funding."

Tuesday Inspiration - Experimental Typography!

Luke Choice

Love these vivid typographic works made by Luke Choice! "Notes to Myself, is a project by New York-based Australian illustrator, typographer, and 3D artist, Luke Choice. The project is about a series of typographic artworks that showcase Luke Choice’s personal random notes, quotes, and other peculiar writings in his collection. With a balanced mixture of typography and 3-D illustration, the brush script artworks then result to a unique and playful aesthetic. As Luke Choice do so describe his body of work, it “covers multiple facets of design, illustration and typography”. Notes to Myself has been receiving praise for its one-of-a-kind typographic style and use of striking colors. Take a look at the brilliant artworks below and head over to Velvet Spectrum to view more of Luke Choice’s works for clients such as Nike, American Express, PlayStation Network, Ministry of Sound, Universal Music, and EMI." Source:

Luke Choice


German Street Artist 1010 Will Crack your Walls

Watch this one, German street artist 1010 is Up and Coming! "1010 (pronounced ten-ten) first began creating his hypnotic “portals” in 2009 throughout the city of Hamburg. These spray-painted murals bring a contradicting depth to the flat walls they are painted on, consequently turning the side of an ordinary building into an entrancing abyss one could seemingly walk into. Striking layers of color appear to overlap and yawn in succession, eventually fading into a dark and limitless center. While mapping out an external form, 1010 begins each piece from the center, working his way through each color, eventually reaching the lightest shades of color around the perimeter. The resulting polychromatic grottos disrupt the stagnant structures of the urban landscape, bringing a beauty and mystery to the systematic components of the city they inhabit. While 1010’s massive murals burrow into the riveted walls of buildings, the artist also explores the same portals on a smaller scale. For his gallery works, 1010 achieves the same effect as his larger paintings, however he employs layers of painted paper in order to create a sense of depth in a more compact manner. Elaborating on the entrancing pull of these designs, 1010 delicately hand-paints the shadows onto each layer of cut paper, luring the eyes of his viewers on a more intimate level. Minimally framed, 1010’s smaller works echo their larger counterparts and creating a magnetism wherever they’re hung." Source: 

Holographic Touchscreens are Coming

Apple just filed a patent for holographic touch screens! "Lasers. Infrared sensors. Parabolic mirror assemblies. These are the technologies that could allow iPhones of the future to project holograms from 3-D screens, according to a new Apple patent application. Now, whether or not Apple will actually make such a device, no one knows. It’s perfectly common for the company to patent technologies that don't make their way into finished products. But what would a holographic iPhone display look like, we wondered. And that’s when we found this fantastic little concept video by Mike Ko, who has created animations for companies such as Google, Nike, Toyota, and NASCAR. The short clip, called Diorama, simulates what it might look like if images left the iPhone screen and floated in the air. It’s cute on its own, but just imagine reaching in and moving those tiny cars around by hand—maybe even changing their tiny tires and honking their tiny horns, and unintentionally causing a tiny accident that makes you feel a tiny bit guilty for ruining the tiny lives of a tiny family." Source:

And the Drones are Taking Over Valentine Marketing! Couples in Verona Watch Out!

The hunt for the best Valentine marketing stunt has already begun! Here's an awesome example: "Last Valentine's Day, the Flower Council of Holland impressed us by hiding red roses in little glass boxes all over Paris. This year, the marketer has gone one step further, and is delivering red roses via drone. In this fun film made in Verona, Italy, by agency Kingsday and director Edwin Nikkels, the drone surprises various (real) couples on the streets by dropping a single red rose at their feet -- and captures their genuine reactions. The film will run in the U.K., France, Germany and the Netherlands promoting the Flower Council's consumer brand, Funnyhowflowersdothat." Source:
Below you will find last years Valentine marketing stunt of the Flower Council of Holland.

Bright Future & Technology Trends

For those among us who will be or already are in LONDON!
"Studio Output has teamed up with digital production company Engage to launch Future15, a new two-week event that explores technology trends, how our relationships with electronics are changing and allows you to get hands-on with robots. Oculus Rift, 3D-printing, Google Glass, holograms and wearable computers that know more about you than you do: sometimes the present feels like a cross between Start Trek and a re-run of Tomorrow’s World. New two-week event Future15, run by Studio Output and digital production company Engage, aims to give participants a hands-on experience of the plethora of new technologies that have emerged in the past year with the framework of using these innovations to change how brands interact with their customers. Future15 will be split into two sections. From a life-sized humanoid robot called RoboThespian to virtual reality headsets, the Future15 Demo Studio is about having a go with these technologies and learning about their potential. Just some of the studios involved include Novalia (who use conductive print to create interactive posters), digital artists FIELD, and interactive-focused agencies Kin and Moritz Waldemeyer Studio. The second part of Future15 will consists of a series of talks and workshops covering branding in a post-digital age, the future of visual storytelling and trends for 2015. Studio Output has made a short film about what to expect from the fortnight as well as interviews with the exciting practitioners involved, which you can watch below."
9-20 February 2015
FLUX Innovation Lounge, London

Villager Jim's Photographs - Have a Great Weekend Everyone!

I love Villager Jim's photographs. I look at his posts every day, I've always had a big heart for the English countryside.  Have a great weekend all, here some nice rural visuals and info about Villager Jim who lives in Derbyshire (England): "Known as "the Banksy of the photography world" Villager Jim is a passionate wildlife and country lane photographer from the Peak District National Park, his work has appeared on television programmes (Springwatch, Countryfile and Alan Carr Chatty Man) and in most of the National Newspapers on a regular basis. Jim still remains totally anonymous and no one really knows his true identity, creating a mystique and a style that is all his own. Please also check out Villager Jim's Trade website on Follow his daily adventures in the Peak District and on the country lanes by visiting Villager Jim's Facebook page"

The New Way of Promoting your Brand : Micro Series on Instagram

Gap introduces a 12 part love story through Instagram. Have you picked your brain about how to target the young crowds through social media? Read this: "Following Gap's noirish brand campaign from David Fincher and quirky holiday ads directed by Sofia Coppola, Wieden & Kennedy, New York has created the brand's first "micro-series" on Instagram, to promote its spring collection.
Directed by The Daniels, "Spring Is Weird" is a twelve-part love story starring actor Paul Dano and "Marcel the Shell" creator Jenny Slate. One 15-second episode will roll out each week on Gap's Instagram account. The story will watch Dano and Slate's relationship unfold -- over first dates, through bad weather -- with a bit of real world and digital world confusion thrown in. "In each episode, we bring to life those first days of Spring that can feel a bit surreal as our couple's real lives and Instagram lives start to merge into one," said Tricia Nichols, Global Consumer Engagement and Partnerships for Gap in a statement. "We think people will relate to the storyline, while also getting some help navigating the tricky territory of the perfect first-date outfit, especially when Spring's weather can be so unpredictable."The story will also be featured on dating websites and apps. Followers of #APerfectFit will also get special offers for trying on the brand's form-fitting "Resolution Denim" featured in the series." Source:

Apple Makes an Android Move

Big news! "Apple is reportedly working on its first Android app — a streaming music service that will compete with Spotify, according to 9to5Mac's Mark Gurman. Apple plans to use the streaming service it acquired from Beats Music several months ago, but the app itself will be designed by Apple, Gurman reports. The price could be around $7.99 per month, but it's not confirmed. This would make it cheaper than Spotify, which is $9.99 per month.  This is huge for Apple — in the past, the company would discontinue the Android version of apps it acquired like it did with HopStop. But, according to Gurman, Apple engineers are working on an Android app, even though the service will fall under Apple's branding. Apple CEO Tim Cook previously said the company had "no religious issue" with developing an Android app if it "made sense to do that." Given that Android accounts for about 85% of the worldwide smartphone market, it may make sense for Apple to do that in this case if it wants to build up a strong user base for its streaming app. Apple has no plans to create a version of its streaming service for Windows Phone, however, according to Gurman.

80 French Customers Will Find Real Money in their Monopoly Game

Woa, Hasbro is going wild. Lucky French customers buying a new set of Monopoly game may be in for a big surprise! "Monopoly is a pastime about bankrupting your friends and rolling in that sweet — though fake — dough. But game tensions may be hotter for the 80 lucky people who unwrap Monopoly sets containing real cash.As part of a promotion for the game's 80th anniversary in France, Hasbro has replaced the iconic paper bills with real euros in 80 regular Monopoly sets. One of those sets will have every play bill replaced with a real one for a total of 20,580 euros — about $23,268. Ten sets will contain five 20-euro bills, two 50-euro bills and one 100-euro note, for a total of 300 euros, or around $370. Finally, 69 sets will contain five 10-euro bills and five 20-euro bills (150 euros or about $170).
"When we asked our French customers, they told us they wanted to find real money in their Monopoly boxes," Monopoly brand manager Florence Gaillard told The Guardian.
The Monopoly sets, released secretly on Monday, will be indistinguishable by weight, though Hasbro notes there will be a tiny difference in thickness thanks to the euro size. The 80 sets will be hidden amongst 30,000 boxes of Monopoly, Monopoly Junior, and electronic and vintage varieties.
Monopoly was originally adapted from a folk game called The Landlord's Game made by Elizabeth J. Magie Phillips in 1903. It was produced by Parker Brothers in the the 1930s, and went through a few evolutions before looking the very popular title we all know now. It is now available in 111 countries around the world in 43 languages."

Dutch - Danish Collaboration : Re-framing Danish Design

I'm starting this morning with some news about lovely Danish Designs. The Danes are doing really well internationally with their design. I'm crazy about Danish design presonally, totally love the examples here to the right (made by Ulf Bolighus). And the Dutch and Danes are now working together on this idea below: "Online magazine DANISH™ will join forces with Frame Magazine for Re-Framing Danish Design, an exhibition which will allow two international designers to give a contemporary spin to Denmark's iconic designs. Dedicated to the promotion of Danish design and architecture, DANISH™ emerged from the Danish Design and Architecture Initiative (DDAI). First formed in 2012, the organisation was a joint initiative created by the Ministry of Business and Growth, the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Culture. The creation of the Re-Framing Danish Design exhibition is just one of the ways the online platform will bring Denmark's creative movement into the international spotlight. Along with exhibitions, the digital magazine will feature articles and events to promote their country's innovative makers. Curated by Frame magazine, Re-Framing Danish Design will give two international designers the freedom to manipulate the iconic and clean-lined designs produced by ten Danish companies. Objects to be featured include Brdr. Krüger's Tray Table by Hans Bølling, Fredericia Furniture's J39 Børge Mogensen, Fritz Hansen's 7 Series chair by Arne Jacobsen, Montana's Montana system, Carl Hansen's Safari Chair by Kaare Klint, Caravaggio by Cecilie Manz for Lightyears, handpainted wallpaper Nordic Antique by Zilmers and the brand new ‘Plateau' by Søren Rose Studio to be launched for DK3. The Fiber chair by contemporary Nordic brand Muuto will also be up for reinterpretation. The lucky candidates to channel their creativity into these Danish designs are designers Niek Pulles of the Netherlands and Sebastian Herkner of Germany. The pair are free to interpret, manipulate or update each of the pieces or even generate a unique, spatial experience with the objects themselves.
The designers can literally re-frame these Danish designs however they please, pun intended." I mentioned Ulf Bolighus earlier in this article, check out his website, it's gorgeous (! Source:

Visual Design Elements

Here's a nice little animation video on the 24 elements of visual design. Line - Plane - Rhythm - Balance - Scale - Texture....and lots more!" Although not anyone can be a designer, everyone who wants to can learn the elements of visual design: contrast, transparency, hierarchy, randomness, and so on. In fact, it doesn't even take all that long. Just watch this 50-second video. Animated by Toronto-based art director and motion designer Matt Greenwood, this video walks you through 24 of the most important visual design principles, ranging from rhythm to texture to colour. It won't teach you everything you need to know to be a designer, but it's a good start."
For those who can't see the clip on their mobile devices: