CLOUD – an Installation made of 5,000 Lightbulbs

Read and saw this on Stylepark's facebook page. I'm quoting: "The cloud-shaped installation is made of 5,000 light bulbs which can be turned on and off by the visitors. (via architizer “CLOUD” a light installation by artists Caitlind Brown and Wayne Garrett"...isn't that just the cutest? Love it!

Paper simple qua material and so gorgeous!

Artist Eleonora Petrolati made this. Seen in Design Magazine - Cool Hunting Italiano, which can also be found on Facebook! ;-)

Nice field man! ❤

Frame magazine covers an interesting piece about Croatian collective Numen/For Use’s latest project. A carpeted, floating field transformed a former slaughter house. Oh how we need such fields in our working spaces, use of real grass would be even more cooler! Curious? See:

Spiral of the week ♥

Spirals fascinate me to the core, so I'm totally hooked when an artist chooses this Karl Hugo Schmölz who currently has a photo exhibition in Bonn, Germany. Want to read more? See:
Photo: Karl Hugo Schmölz: Siemenshaus, Bielefeld, 1956

Life with colours! ♥

Oeehhh shell houses keep fascinating me...and this one is super fabulous! Read about this one in World Architecture News. For more info and pictures:

Want! ♥

Soooo gorgeous, still a prototype...but its beauty is all around, saw this in Dezeen magazine. Wooden t-shirt by French designer Pauline Marcombe. Photocredit Dezeen magazine. See: