Totally love this 'sculpture'!

Domus just reported on this oh so fine design! I'm quoting: "Aesthetically engaging, the Atelier Zündel Cristea’s temporary pavilion in London is a symmetrical sculpture, obtained by a precise geometrical manipulation"

The Beauty of the Dark

This e-magazine, The Dark Beauty, is about the only current e-magazine that is working its magic on my eyes. Especially when it comes to this visual...a little preparation for the evening ;-)..nice huh?
Photographer: McCade Dolan (Cadeography)
Model: Sally Cardone
#darkbeauty #DarkBeautyMag

Cool fashion design!

Dezeen Magazine just wrote about this amazing design. It looks great!
"This pair of dresses writhe around and light up when someone stares at them.

Watch them wiggle here:"

Weeeeekend! ♥

Oh it's weeeeeeeeeeeekend!
Gorgeous photo right? posted yesterday by FOAM Museum ~ Amsterdam
"Today it’s summer solstice.
Enjoy the Midsummer’s evening.

(Cliona and the Sea, South Africa 2012 © Joss McKinley)"


My type of glass TOTALLY!

Design Magazine Cool Hunting Italiano just posted this one. This is such awesome design, my type of glass totally!! "With Ana Maria Tobon."

Love the Rainbow kid

This one is subject within many online artsy communities these last few the surrealism!
Posted in Street Art Paris: "SETH au Grand Palais":!/photo.php?fbid=561222857263452&set=a.188026317916443.61142.169648076420934&type=1&theater

Oh Weeeeekend ♥

Oh weeeeeeekend you are allowed to begin! Juxtapoz Magazine just featured this awesome work of art by Marjolein Caljouw..that sounds Dutch doesn't it....and yep it is Dutch

"Marjolein Caljouw uses color pencil and paint to create a delicate, pale world in which women and nature mesh and intermingle.View more of her work here: "
Haven't been very busy here lately, that's purely because I'm reaching the completion of starting an amazing online e-magazine and network collective for Dutch Design and creatives...
There are simply running tooooo much ideas through me and moi wants more, more, more..there are so, so many interesting designers and creatives here in The Netherlands...and outside...;-)