Guerrilla Marketing Ideas

Brands like Post-It could collaborate and sponsor these creative ideas for their guerrilla marketing projects!

Melbourne Street Art shared Arts & Pics's photo

Branding a product

Beautiful example of how art, design and marketing play together.

Creative Industry in Holland

Policy agenda Dutch Creative Industry:
“The Top Sector Creative Industry is one of the most dynamic of the nine. It encompasses design, media, entertainment, fashion, gaming, and architecture. These are quite often the boosters of innovations in the other sectors. The Dutch creative industry is a global top ten player.”
Aldus minister Bussemaker tijdens haar toespraak vandaag op de Closing conference van de European creative industries alliance in Amsterdam. Na het in ontvangst nemen van het rapport Create, innovate, grow : a new policy agenda to maximise the innovative contributions of Europe’s creative industries. Lees hier het rapport,
de toespraak
of meer over de creatieve industrie

Marketing Through Destinations

Very nice and smart!

The Dieline
Capturing the essence of four of the world’s most premier destinations on the iconic Post-it Note
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Right here... Amsterdam!
Rimon Guimarães , R.U.A Hogervecht -Bijlmer -Amsterdam , Holland setembro 2014. 37 metros de altura.

New ways

Images like this always remind me to never stop trying to find new keep looking (and imagining) levels of entry. This is simply gorgeous!
Nonotak's latest audio-visual installation uses arrangements of light reflections to create windows into seemingly infinite vortexes.

Culture index | Cultuurindex

Statistics and trends within the Dutch cultural and creative industries.
Cijfers en trends culturele en creatieve sector! nú online!


Nice marketing idea for the fashion industry!
Beautiful/Decay Magazine
Couples exchange entire outfits and document the results. You guessed it, it's hilarious!

Lovely Flowers

Received lovely flowers today as a thank you for a PR piece I wrote ~ awww how nice ;-)

Installation with a Twist

I absolutely adore this kind of upside down installation...I adore this of course because I am immensly crazy about the beauty of mushrooms, but also the twist..! Twists are important ;-)