....with this kind of weather here in The Netherlands (very,very warm), this kind of art, seen in the Design Observer, attracts the eye. Amazing! So pretty!

For more info about the creator:

Space picture of the Week: Wonderful!

National Geographic's fabulous Space pictures of the week. Veeeery interesting!

♥ NAI: Netherlands Architecture Institute

I love what the NAI: Netherlands Architecture Institute is doing online...
interested in archives of Dutch architecture? Then eat your heart out with their digital photo archive. They are also adding pretty interesting things on FB, just saying ;-)
I'm quoting: 'Now on Flickr: more than 100 historical photographs of houses and housing projects from the first half of the 20th century, by H.P. Berlage, J. Wils, J.B. van Loghem, M. de Kerk, J.F. Staal and many more.' See them all here:
General info:
And here a preview of one of the shots they personally referred me to...this stream of architecture is very appealing to my opinion! This is: Housing Complex Spaarndammerplantsoen (Het Schip)
Amsterdam, 1921 |Designers: Michel de Klerk

Architecture around trees

When you are crazy about trees like I am, you always have the desire to actually live IN them...and you also love organic design, then you will absolutely LOVE the ideas of this German agency
They call their concepts treehouses and junglehouses. So pretty!


Interesting image huh? It's not new, but that doesn't matter to the design-oriented soul. For more info see the Design Observer's website:


This is why I LOVE the Tulpi chair...and it gets me in such nice places in the world ;-). See also:

Business trip to Zurich, and of course we keep an eye on interesting designs..we saw this one in the innercity..