Oh I want this one!
Susanne Rottenbacher (VNY 2013 w/ TEAPOT) is featured in the recently opened group exhibition SCHEINWERFER: Lichtkunst in Deutschland im 21. Jahrhundert (Spotlight: German Light Art in the 21st Century) at Kunstmuseum Celle, through 30 March 2014. It should be an illuminating view!


Calvin Seibert explora la iconografía clásica en los castillos de arena y un sinfín de diversión en la playa. Con sus castillos explora formas clásicas, el cubismo y el brutalismo. http://bit.ly/1b6WIg2

Normal and Illusion!


"Dis(order) Furniture is a modular furniture system that's multifunctional, adaptable, and most of all, playful and quirky: http://ow.ly/qXq1Y"


Enough said!
''Rosie and 21 Men'' Solo Exhibition By Sølve Sundsbø At Shoot Gallery In Oslo, Norway.



just totally fascinating!

Where to begin with this....AMAZING is a start!!
Photography- Sanne Grasdijk, Hair-Judith Berghout,
Make Up-Jessica Scholten, Fashion Styling-Geke Hendrik

The Art of Portrait Photography

Not many come close to these kind of levels of portrait photography. Very inspiring. Just saw this at Colossal Art and Visual Culture: "Wonderland: A Fantastical Voyage of Remembrance Through Portrait Photography by Kirsty Mitchell. Part tribute, part conceptual photography, part exploration of costume and set design, Wonderland is an ongoing series of portraits by UK photographer Kirsty Mitchell. After the loss of her mother in 2008, Mitchell found herself in need of a creative outlet to grapple with the emptiness that often follows the death of a loved one. To fill the vacuum, Mitchell began to revisit fragments of fairy tales her mother would share with her as a child and decided to use them as a starting point for a series of elaborate portraits that would make use of her background in fashion design and costume making. The resulting images would form a storybook without words, a sort of visual narrative that people might project their own stories onto."

Winter is Coming!

by Kayama Matazo

Irregularity..love it!

Very nice! Domus Magazine: "A drawer unit with irregular forms: Galena, designed by Hagit Pincovici for Miniforms, is the result of a game of horizontal shifts generated by offsetting the drawers"

Killer Image!

Octophant by Alexis Diaz, London. With thanks to StreetArtBelgium. I'm also crazy about the subtle triangles in the back...!


Bird houses are always super!

Bird houses are Always and Always a super subject for design. Saw this one just now via DesignMilk...birdhouse wall hook...lovely!
"It only makes sense to have an adorable house-shaped wall hook for your house: http://ow.ly/qQbsP"


...DesignBreak: "Oh my... A yummy pattern by Laura Redburn aka CARDBOARDCITIES.
http://bit.ly/1cwI44o //"

Gallery cool

For you boys and girls out there with a (street art) gallery...this one will work in your environment..ssssuper!
French artist Tilt: http://architizer.com/blog/tilt-alix-sofa/


Her designs Always make me smile.....mmm....soft lines...Always superrrr niccccee!
Yatzer: "The Auditorium of The Heydar Aliyev Center By Zaha Hadid Architects In Baku, Azerbaijan.http://www.yatzer.com/heydar-aliyev-center-baku-azerbaijan-zaha-hadid-architects"

The Inseperable Relationship between Architecture & Art

Read this in The Architizer, "The reach of architecture extends beyond the purely practical realm of zoning laws, building permits, and budgets. Architecture can also be an emotional experience, especially with phenomenology playing into the practice so naturally. The power over space can also be the power to twirl human psychology around its little finger."


 Ya ya...Art, Ctrl, Del:
 "The Secret Life of Heroes by Gregoire Guillemin Grégoire Guillemin is an french illustrator specialised in graphic design and comic character illustrations.
Check it: http://www.artctrldel.com/blog/entry/the-secret-life-of-heroes-by-gregoire-guillemin"


The Dutch are very good with images...ya ya...
ArchiNed: "
Urban TV Guide tip: Nederland van boven online
Aanstaande donderdag start een nieuw seizoen Nederland van Boven. Een serie die niet alleen het kijken waard is vanwege de adembenemende beelden maar ook, of misschien juist vanwege de visualis...atie van geo-informatie. Voor wie de vorige serie gemist heeft, of nog een keer wil terug zien: ze staan allemaal online.


New kind of public art

Oh this one is awesome. The Architect's Newspaper: "This colorful piece of public art in Downtown Brooklyn walks the line between sculpture, architecture, and painting."


For those who are, like me, totally crazy about mushrooms and their beauty, and who perhaps also love to draw mushrooms: Teyler Museum has put some amazing old books about mushrooms online!

The Art of Make-Up

Not a big make-up fan but visuals like this certainly catch your eye. Gorgeous right? Afrostyle Magazine: "Fantastic work by Makeup Artist Connie Chong (She worked with ASM's new issue). Model is Devanie Joy (also in new issue) Photography by Frederic Carneiro...Love it! #artistic #makeup #blackwhite #photography WWW.AFROSTYLEMAG.COM"

And then there is Anti Branding....

...which Always goes to show how many streams of thought run along eachother...
Powerful huh?
Global Street Art: "We respect Spain's Vinz Feel Free a lot (http://globalstreetart.com/vinz). His art is pushing how anti-branding is represented beyond the obvious adjustments to company logos. The reference to the classic painting of Venus is smart too. Big ups!"


...it's a state of art....you've got to find those right combinations.
Design Milk reported this one...move out of my way I want it ALL!
"Their first 3 pieces for the home, by Portuguese brand Picchio, are truly something to behold: http://ow.ly/qq35s"

Steven Burlton

Love this one of Steven Burlton, via A Different Type of Art.

The Duel

Gorgeous right? Dark Beauty Magazine:
"Photographer: Olga Sova
Designers: Alisa Maximova, Olga Sova, and Natalie P.
Accessories: Myrusso (Lera Prokopets)
Mask: Edward Jekyll"

Gender Switch

Read about this project a few days ago : "Switcheroo : Portraits of Couples Swapping Clothes". Very nice, love these kinds of innitiatives. Want to read and see more: http://www.thisiscolossal.com/2013/10/switcheroo-crossdressing-portraits/