The Mirror Effect ~

Haha, nice right? Mirrors always seem to do 'their work'!
Saw this at Design Milk's page:
"Rooms' new collection includes a mirrored table that disappears into its surroundings!"

How Concrete is becoming Hip within Design

Concrete is becoming hip again when it comes to material use within modern design. Not just lamp design but also this cute little piece of jewelry design is a nice example. Source: Design Milk.
"A concrete and metal ring shaped like a little house:"

Fashion Photograpy of the 1940's, lovely!

Yes, visuals and styling like this survive decades and decades....!
This was just published by Yatzer.
''Lee Miller in Fashion'' by Becky E Conekin (Thames & Hudson).
source: W magazine, Thames & Hudson
photo credit:
Model wearing Hardy Amies suit, London, England, 1949."

Girlssss..always an interesting subject...♥

Yes they are...the heart and soul of grace, justice and humanity....rigth?
Love this one which I just saw at UNSEEN Photography Fair Amsterdam's site. Swedish photographer....nice and serene sister imagery, and beautiful!
"Swedish GunGallery represents photographers with varied artistic backgrounds, ranging from documentary to conceptual. At #Unseen2013, the gallery will present works by Julia Hetta and Anders Petersen Read the gallery spotlight here:
Untitled © Julia Hetta/GunGallery"

Landscape architecture ~ and where I get my inspiration going

Besides Architecture and public design one of my other major inspirational interests is modern landscape architecture/design. This is the top 10 of landscape architects according to Landscape Architects Network....but none of the visuals nor the stories inspired me.....aaaarggghhh..I hate it when I don't see harmony in a piece of text with too wide ranged looses the good impact a publication should have!

Floors....and why something that's a little 'different' is good for your eyesss!

"Fab graphic floor design" writes Urban Art House, and indeedy...this is fab! No other credits, sorry!

Looks fascinating.....

...right? Saw this via the German site LabKultur:
"Seit Freitag im Museum Folkwang: Nowhere and Everywhere von William Forsythe. Von einem automatisierten Gitter hängen über 400 Pendel herab, die in Bewegung versetzt werden, um einen fünfzehnteiligen Kontrapunkt aus verschiedenen Tempi, räumlichen Gegensätzen und Fliehkräften von wechselnder Intensität zu erschaffen. Die Zuschauer sind dazu eingeladen, diese unberechenbare Situation zu durchwandern, ohne die Pendel zu berühren. Diese Herausforderung führt zu einer lebhaften Choreografie komplexer Ausweichstrategien."

Trending graphics

Told you this one would become trending within graphic design; the colour clouds category. Just saw this posted by World Landschape Architecture:
It's Always so fascinating how fast artists and trends can run together ;-). Smart artists push the trends forward. Won't be long untill you find scenes like this near the end stations (fashion shoots)...

Tulpi Design's super modern public space design embraced by Vehovar & Jauslin Architects

The busstation project in Aarau is almost finished and it already looks AMAZING! Next week a truck load full with Tulpi-seats will arrive in Switzerland. We collaborate with architects Vehovar & Jauslin (Zürich) on this beautiful project. It is SO inspiring to work with architects that dare to embrace modern public space design!

Aaaarrrrrchitecture in its Highnessss ~ Zaha Hadid

This is one is, yes..I will use the word..'typical' for not being able to stop loving Zaha Hadid..
Her organic, and yes I've also seen cool geometric desigsn she's made, but the cuved shapes are also extremely present in her works. And the colours in the environment...Always an important feature, the white and the blue blend together with green.
Via Architecture Daily and Pixol Drop Studio ~ "Zaha Hadid’s design for a performing arts center for an island in Abu Dhabi."

Installation Design with a level of Super Awesomeness!

I call this installation design and could NOT resist to hang this write about this one. It's just suuuuper isn't it? Originally posted by Archinect:
"Paramount School of Excellence: Time and Space Discovery Room by DkGr Architects ~"

Geometry and Design

This one would really work in fashion shoots. Saw this via DesignBreak:
"Student Break | Lior Shulak | Strike a Line
I’m blown away by the geometric lines, the minimalist approach and over all, the awesomeness behind this collection."

Oh Super Images!

JjjjjjAAA!....WeAreVoid is tantalizing me again by picking and posting such amazing images...super thanks for these ones, because they truly are super gorgeoussssss!
Creator: Oriol Angrill Jordá
For more see:

The Wonderful Curves of a Staircase

I have a 'thing' with staircases, and with curves..haha...! Seriously...doesn't design like this just look beautiful! Why did we ever start out with making everything straight....right?.. pardon the pun! Design by UNStudio (Dutch architects).
Sourse: Dezeen Magazine:


I'm still wrapped up like, husssshhhh.......what about you?
Superrr image this is huh, again Dark Beauty Magazine....
"Photographer: michalina woźniak
Stylist/Makeup: Sylwia Majewska (Art Squircle)
Model: Jagoda Reczek"

this one will set a trend in graphic design...

...clouds are in again, in the super style of the 'leading' fashion designers just got himself photographed (not naming names, go find out yourself)...with a new cloud project by a Dutch artist (I've posted him a little while ago, awesome project)...Art, Ctrl, Dlt just uploaded this one...
so I'm predicting this one will set a trend....just saying ;-)
Source credits: Irby Pace

Pressed Flower Art combined with Paper art ~ by Anne ten Donkelaar

This piece was just published by Juxtapoz Magazine and Designboom, it's made by Dutch artist Anne ten bravo to her on being featured in these magazines! Her work is just...loooovely!
"Anne Ten Donkelaar uses both pressed flowers and printed paper floral elements in her three dimensional collaged flowerscapes...

See more on Jux:"

The Beauty of Paper Art ♥ by Rogan Brown

Aaahh..the beauty of Paper Art....oowwww, the details!...amazing right? Source: Juxtapoz Magazine.
"Intricate paper sculptures by Rogan Brown....

See more here:"

In your FACE...


Via Street Art France: Teuthis; 76600 Le Havre

Photographe: © Teuthis — with Teuthis and Port Du Havre.

Have a great weeeekend ~ New Dutch Photography

Hehehe....nice one ey? ;-). Originally posted at New Dutch Photography Talent's page.
"New Dutch Photography Talent stages 100 emerging photographers working in The Netherlands. On a daily basis we feature one of those photographers here.

Olivier van Hartingsveldt -"

Major in Styling! Jacco Breedveld

Told you Dark Beauty Magazine would rip your eyes out.....this is why....
Photograpy: Jacco Breedveld


Florian Imgrund Photograpy ~ isn't it awesome!

WeAreVoid keeps publishing interesting stuff. They've posted this one yesterday.....major imagery!

Flóra Vági jewellery designer ~ Amazing

Oh I soooo love organic design, look at these beauties by Flóra Vági, jewellery designer. This was just posted via design d'auturo:

Architecture and Spirals.....!

When you're crazy about spirals and architecture, designs like this hit you on the head as soon as you've laid your eyes on structures like this....super gorgeous!!
"Plantagon has broken ground on its first 'Plantscraper' vertical farm in Sweden!"

The Loveliness of Floorinstallations ~ by Suzan Drumming

Juxtapoz Mag again, yeah sorry....once you've found a fab mag of course you will find many,many subjects that will appeal to you. Anyways, this is a floor installation by Suzan Drumming....
View more on Jux:

Raindrop tree tents....aawww!

These raindrop tree tents also remind me of cocoons....super gorgeous. Inhabitat just posted this.
"Don't you just love these raindrop-shaped tree tents?"

Playing with Perception...

Crazy about this one, saw this in Juxtapoz Magazine Latin America, nice huh?
"Las instalaciones perceptuales de Damien Gilley combinan dibujos, esculturas, referencia científicas de Gilley, geometría y gráficos. "