Saw this one coming

Oh SSssuperrrr!
Sculptures by Harumi Nakashima. Would love to see a group show with this artist, Mars-1 and Kusama.

Geometry and its impact

This so totally is one of the best reasons why geometry Always works when it comes to creating visual impact. Gorgeous isn't it? Made by English painter Bridget Riley.


Dutch artist Suzan Drummen’s large-scale floor installations are mesmerizing & complex circular patterns made out of mirrors & brightly coloured glass.

International Trade

Invited by the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs to talk about international trade....FUN! ;-)

Playful Approaches to City Life

Courtyard, tape on ground, de Kooning estate, Long Island, photo © Aakash Nihalani
You want to see more colors? Read "Decoded DNA" at Stylepark: