Too Fantastic for wordsss

Oh I do Love wood within design and art, yes, all Earthly things are super, and this piece of work, well...and then the glass piece, so amazing...I think I stated enough while writing the title of this post just now....simply too Fantastic for...sssss.
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Featured in Juxtapoz Magazine - by Italian sculptor Mario Ceroli

Hihi ♥

Seen in the Design Magazine - Cool Hunting Italiano!

Japanese Mushroom Lamp Design: Gorgeous! ♥

Lamp design again, one of my favorites it seems, and this time Styleparks' feature of this Japanese design caught my eye and stole my heart...superb! Nature and technology combined, you can't get it better than this if you are also super crazy about mushrooms, like moi. I'm quoting: "The Japanese designer Yukio Takano designed the mushroom lights. The colorful tiny lights sit on a wooden base that contains the battery, complete with on-off switch. (via Colossal".

Such a nice Image! ♥

This new (to me) Facebook page called Art is the Answer (nice title by the way), posted this lovely image today with this heading: ""We have art in order not to die of the truth." - Friedrich Nietzche..pretty cute huh? No credits attached unfortunately, I see this a lot lately kids...that you forget to include credits, it's pretty important...visuals deserve credits and I always love to give them, so please give them to me as well ;-)
For further info see:!/tunisiaart

Majestic and Major Design ♥

Oh this one surpasses Fabulous design, this one is Majestic and Major, to say the least.
Via Art, Craft & Architecture (see also:!/ArtCraftArchitecture).
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Where I'd want to be this weekend! For the Love of Cocoons! ♥

ZomerExpo's Facebook page mentions these gorgeous pieces of art, apparently currently on display in the Dutch woods of the province Drenthe. I SO know what I would want when close to one of these wonderful 'pieces'...I'd want to be IN one of them of course! ♥
The Facebook page:!/ZomerExpo

Pureness of Beauty ♥

Extreme Fashion Design SO Totally ♥ It!

The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York is featuring One of the most Amazing fashion design pieces I have EVER seen, designed by the late Alexander McQueen (what a Fabulous name) and I feel FREE enough to mention that this One is so totally MINE...I WANT it, I NEED super gorgeous and mysterious! I'm quoting: "Andrew Bolton recalls seeing Alexander McQueen’s spring/summer 1999 runway show: “I remember thinking…How wonderful to walk around a city of angels where you’d have people dressed like this. And I thought…he’s actually crossing the divide between art and fashion.” What’s your reaction to the designer’s show in this video clip?"

Absolutely ♥ Peacocks so this one is MINE!

My ♥ for peacocks goes deep, very deeeeeep.....and this design hits me in all the right places. Featured in Interior Design Magazine, how gorgeous is this! I'm quoting: "The mother of pearl Camilia cabinet by Koket is crowned by an artisan hand-carved peacock, meticulously engraved and delicately finished in gold leaf." If you want to read more go to:

More Fabulous Lamp Design

This seems to be my 'lamp design day of the week'....look at these Master pieces of lamp design...Lightning Cube 1 and 2 they are displayed at the Munich Creative Business Week...super Gorgeous ♥. See and read more via:

♥ this lamp design by Max Gunawan

Totally in love with this lamp design, which looks like a folded out book. Can totally picture these in libraries, lounge cafe's and homes of course. Featured in Juxtapoze magazine. Quoting: "Architect Max Gunawan designed this portable light that folds up into a book and becomes illuminated when opened. The light is magnetic so that it can be mounted on several different types of surfaces and remains charged for up to 8 hours. The project was launched via Kickstarter 4 days ago and is already 290% funded. (via thisiscolossal)" Want to read more:

Cardboard Vases

This one belongs to the category 'simple and amazing design'. Simple in the sense of 'easy to fabricate and simple for the user'. Stylepark writes: 'The interior designer Kerstin Reilemann and the architect Berit Lüdecke from, based in Hannover, create clear and minimalistic design products. They designed a vase, which is made of coloured cardboard. The user can fold the geometric shape on his own." Want to see more: just go to Stylepark's Facebook page!

Spiral of the Week ♥

The Art & Architecture Facebook page posted this awesome spiral staircase today, I'm making it my spiral of the Week =)
"Mechanics’ Institute Library Spiral Staircase - San Francisco (by MikeBehnken on flickr)"