Cities need colors!

cinder block and wood sculptures by HENSE:
the american artist is broadening his repertoire this year. 'I’m looking to expand my vocabulary as a visual artist into the realm of creating installations that are spatially interactive.' see other recent works in his signature bright colors here:

So Gorgeous

Particularly because this type of art is something I could have made...this one is close to the heart...for me!
This week is the last week of 'In the Night Time' before Fawn closes it's doors for three weeks while Blanka and Camille broaden their minds and adventure through the lands of Japan. Come and catch the last of this great show!
(Image: Emma Hampton)


Rondleidingen in de Winter Anti Depression Show: van woensdag t/m zondag, eerste rondleiding 12.15 uur, laatste 16.15 uur. Ook zéér geschikt voor kinderen, dus maak er een gezinsuitstapje van! (Foto: Gert Jan van Rooij)


Rubin in Bushwick — with Rubin.


...superstrong visual!!
January's finest, including slick soul from Tink, esoteric dance from L.I.E.S and the latest offering from Warpaint:


.....ow awesome!
Breathtaking underwater landscapes, strikingly reimagined Dutch master portraiture and more links we loved this week.


It's a statement!
Hong Chun Zhang has a fascination with hair...
Long Hair & Hairy Objects:

Free Entrance

Vanaf 10 januari in de filmzaal: Vanuit den gezichtshoek der Bruikbaarheid.
Een film over Margaret Staal-Kropholler (1891-1966), de eerste vrouwelijke architect van Nederland. Toegang is gratis.



This cartoon style ROCKS done by: dabs,myla,rime,augs,trav,witnes & craola

Behind the eyes.....

This source is very good at listing extremely interesting visuals!
Art, Ctrl, Del
by Sophie Anteboth