Love social Design

Inhabitat: the world you live in writes about Dutch artist Roeland Otten and the large scale photography art he uses to cover up the ugly spots in cities. Not sure if this idea is bird-friendly, love birds!, but it sure looks fabulous!

Gorgeous Treehouses!

Inhabitat: design will save the world features one of my favorite treehouses designed by Antony Gibbons. Aren't they just gorgeous...for those hours in the day in which you think and feel 'leave me alone, I want to be by myself for just a moment'....or for when you want a secluded area high up in the sky with someone you really, really love!
I'm quoting: Antony Gibbon's Roost Treehouse looks like a lofty treetop dwelling taken straight from the elves' forest home of Lothlorien in Lord of the Rings! The Roost rises up above the forest floor with sleeping quarters, viewing platforms, and spiral stairs. Utilizing the principles of biomimicry, the Roost mimics the organic forms found in nature. This design technique helps to camouflage this structure into the forests as a way to better engage nature.